April 14, 2024


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Bapa Pembaziran – Abdullah Badawi

Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj is known as this nation’s Bapa Kemerdekaan @ Father of Independence.

No one denies the fact that the late Tunku did spearhead the seeking of Independence for this nation from continuous colonialization by the British Empire.

He may not have been perfect in his character as being known to be fond of horse racing and other vices but still, one must pay respect to the memory of the late Tunku as being amongst those who have done so much for this nation.

Tunku was also responsible for cutting off Singapore from our federation but then circumstances back then forced him to do that. Lee Kuan Yew was asking exactly what Lim Kit Siang and company are seeking for – the abolishment of Malay rights, which will render them powerless in Malaysia.

Tun Abdul Razak who took over from Tunku Abdul Rahman was known as Bapa Pembangunan @ Father of Development.

He saw to it that Malaysia slowly transformed from being a backward agricultural based young nation to be one where development has been taking place , changing our country into a better place to live.

He was known to be a thrifty Prime Minister and lived a frugal life and not known to be extravagant in his lifestyle even though he could if he had wanted to splurge on all the fine things in life.

Tun Abdul Razak deserves to be remembered for his bringing development to the rural areas and for setting into place the nation’s major infrastructures and helping the people to seek a reasonable living.

Then came Tun Hussein Onn, who became Malaysia’s 3rd Prime Minister when Tun Razak passed away in London during treatment.

Tun Hussein Onn is known as Bapa Perpaduan @ Father of Unity amongst Malaysians.

Tun Hussein is not known for any hanky panky in his administration and there was not much scandals during his rule over Malaysia.

He is related to UMNO’s founder , Dato Onn bin Jaafar and is now being represented by his son, Dato Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn, who has been appointed as the Education Minister of Malaysia.

Seems like dynasties do occur in our times. Well, it’s unavoidable.

Our fourth Prime Minister and the longest serving one is the legendary kick ass Prime Minister who put this nation on the map by his steering the country to be one of the world’s fastest growing nation as far as its economy is concerned.

Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad is known as Bapa Pemodenan @ Father of Modernization.

During his 22 long years of being the ruler of this country, he brought forth Malaysia to be amongst Asia’s most dynamic nation and turned this country into the dynamo it is today.

He may be remembered as the most autocratic ruler who ever became this nation’s Prime Minister and to this date he continues to speak out against the West and Israel.

He brought prosperity to the nation and has strengthened the Malays position in government especially UMNO which continues to be the key player in Malaysia’s coalition BN government.

After Mahathir’s time, comes the most sickening chap who has splurged like its nobody’s business as far as the taxpayers money is concerned.

Behold, the couldn’t care less , rhetoric spewing, spend as you please Prime squanderer of them all, the one and only Imam Hadhari a.k.a Abdullah Badawi, whom I label as Bapa Pembaziran @ Father of Extravaganza!

Yes, this is the most fitting title for one who thinks nothing of burning RM95,000,000.00 of taxpayers money to send to space a doctor under the guise of being an astronaut when in reality this nation has much more better things to spend so much of that now gone to waste precious funds just to feed his enormous ego and his ass kissing cabinet who fawn over him as if he is this nation’s deliverer when in fact he is this nation’s worst premier for all time.

Don’t you agree?

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