April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Unethical Bloggers who copy or plagiarize others articles.

Have you had your writings or articles taken without your consent and published elsewhere putting you in a predicament when comments are made on them without you knowing a bit about it?

I don’t know what else do I have to put up in my header warning unethical bloggers who simply copy or plagiarize parts or whole scale my articles which they find interesting?

I appreciate certain attention or reference being made to my writings and encourage links be made to my postings but I really do not savor such irresponsible bloggers or website administrators who simply take my writings without my permission and put it up in their sites and open it for public comment!

Another form of infringing upon my rights is saying that I ‘echo’ anyone’s views for it is simply an affront to me in saying that I wrote anything ‘after’ the blogger writes anything in response to what I had put to pen in my site about any subject for the matter.

It’s frustrating for me when my fellow bloggers do not have an iota of commonsense in asking for permission from me in the first place to reproduce any of my writings in advance and getting my approval in writing before going ahead and publishing any of my articles in their sites.

This is one major ‘grey area’ in Blogosphere that needs to be agreed upon in regulating the do’s and dont’s of being a publishing blogger.

I know that not many are aware of journalistic ethics and general guidelines that they need to follow in becoming a blogger or as the glamorized title of being a ‘citizen journalist’ which is being touted by certain quarters but at least have the common sense of not being a bloody copycat or plagiarist of another blogger’s ideas!

By such an irresponsible criminal act of taking someone’s writings without their knowledge or permission and then putting it up for open comment by their readers, the offending blogger does a grave injustice to the said blogger when he or she is oblivious to his or her articles being discussed or debated in the copyist’s site without his or her knowledge!

The blogger whose writings are being commented upon without his or her knowledge is unfairly opened up to abuse and scandal when he or she fails to respond to the comments in the offending party’s site!

What kind of person is such a blogger or webmaster who commits such an injustice against the owner of the article without his or her knowledge of the matter?

This is what I have encountered many times since I started writing.

Some of those who breached the unwritten code of ethics amongst us in the Blogosphere apologized and promptly removed the copied articles from their sites but then some other idiot comes along and repeats the same old unprincipled offense against myself and others in my same situation.

It is important that a blogger or webmaster realize that whilst the blogging world is pretty much free from government control and restrictions , it doesn’t mean that he or she is free to go and take any other author’s articles and publish it in their own sites or spaces!

Speaks volumes about their character of being a transgressor of the goodwill and camaraderie we feel in our hearts amongst ourselves in the Blogosphere.

I sincerely hope that those who are doing this stupid thing to immediately remove my articles which are on their site or I will be forced to publish their identities and url’s for the whole world to know as to who they are …which I really do not wish to..for now.

Those who have done me wrong know who they are and if they read this heartfelt plea from me to please do the respectful corrective action by removing immediately such articles of mine to do so soon.

Blogging is good for the people but please understand that certain unspoken rules need to be taken into consideration by those who speak about justice and all that but end up screwing their fellow bloggers in the process.

Have a great festive weekend and please consider others feelings before doing anything that you know is not right in your heart.

I would like to thank all those who have co-operated with me before this in righting the wrongs they did to me and wish them all the best in their writings.

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