September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Radical American Christian Missionaries in Iraq

You know, many people say that the internet is full of evil and ought to be monitored forcefully by the governments of the world especially by the regimes and dictatorships of today.

To me, the internet is a treasure trove of information and a rich endless source of knowledge by which I gain and in turn share information and news about things that are important to me like the present state of affairs concerning my faith and my fellow Muslims as well as anything else that I care about or am concerned with?

I came across this revealing video that shows how the present American occupation of Iraq has also seen an influx of radical Christian missionaries propagating their beliefs amongst the beleaguered Arabs in devastated Iraq!

The rich Arab nations all around them are oblivious to this clandestine treachery perpetrated upon the weakened aqeedah’s of the Iraqi population long suffering from oppression by first the hanged Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and now by the civil war being waged by the Shiites against the Sunnis in their war ravaged shell of a once proud civilization.

Who are we to blame for this rot? The useless Muslim leaders of today, for sure! Just look at who’s leading the OIC and you’ll agree with me that the Muslims of the world today are in deep shit!

In fact, they are already wallowing in it to their necks because of the kind of self centered megalomaniacs we have calling themselves Presidents, Sultans, Amir’s and Prime Ministers of the so called Muslim nations!

Iraqis! Take care of your fellow Muslims for the radical American Christian sharks have come home to feed and the weakened state of the Muslims of today aren’t exactly helping you all one bit!

May Allah SWT save you from the weak and cowardly leaders of the world’s ‘Muslims’. Amin.

On a happier note, let me share with you a refreshing positive video of American Christians embracing Islam at more than 20000 of them every year! Watch and rejoice!

The number of Americans embracing Islam is rising as we speak. Watch here another video showing proof!

Averaging 1.5 million American Christians per year declaring the Shahadah just after September 11!

Witness an American Christian Youth Minister who became a Muslim after coming to realize the Truth of Islam eventually as a result of his in depth studies regarding Christianity and the many discrepancies he discovered in its teachings and learning about Islam and have his questions all answered perfectly!

Even diehard haters of Islam online end up loving Islam and here is one such hater who is today a Muslim sharing with us from her heart what triggered her to be a Muslimah today. Listen to her share her story.

Over in Germany, the number of Germans embracing Islam is also rising every year. Click here to view a video showing them practicing their birthright!

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