September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysians must not build castles in the sky!

I am referring to the fantasy of inspiring the Council of Malay Rulers to ever garnering enough courage to spring clean the present government of the corrupt ones and to restore justice to the judiciary!

Although such a nation changing wish is admirable and playing in every citizen’s mind, reality comes along in knowing that this here is Malaysia, the land of the ‘tidak apa‘ culture that runs deep in the veins of everyone from the lowliest being in the country to ones reigning in the royal palaces.

Stop fooling ourselves that such a scenario will ever take place here in this soil where once the Malay Royals didn’t think twice about signing off their powers to the colonial masters of yesteryears!

If not for Dato Onn Jaafar, the Malay Rulers will have faded into obscurity had he not struggled to return to them their present existence as being ‘Constitutional Monarchs’ of this land and fought against the British plans of implementing the Malayan Union which would have seen the rights of the Malays and the Sultans phased out by the stipulations contained in the draft of the legislation.

Under the Malayan Union, the Malay Rulers will have to concede all their rights and powers to the British Crown had Dato Onn Jaafar not rallied the Malays against the British Colonialists!

Does history record any of the Malay Royals taking up the fight to defend themselves and protect their sovereignty over their lands? Not that I have heard of or read anywhere?

Such an impossibility has yet to materialize in the years since Dato Onn fought to preserve the Malay Royalty as the sovereign ‘de facto’ rulers of this nation.

For all his sacrifices, Dato Onn’s deeds weren’t reciprocated by the Malay Rulers with any equivalent efforts on their part to see to it that they honor his struggle to preserve their Majesties dignities and honor by being earnest enough to fight for their rights and to demand that they be given their rightful positions as the absolute Sultans and Rajah’s of their individual states and territories!

Instead the Malay Royals have resigned themselves to being mere ‘Constitutional Rulers’ and allowed the office of the Prime Minister absolute rule over this nation including their royal selfs!

Isn’t this utterly preposterous?

Only HRH, the Sultan of Negara Brunei Darussalam remains as the sole Malay Sultan who wields absolute executive royal powers over his small but filthy rich and wealthy Sultanate! Daulat Tuanku!

What kind of freedom and sovereignty are we talking about for our Malay Rulers when they resign themselves to being defanged powerless monarchies in the absolute reality of this country?

What royal authority are we depending upon to see spring into action here when a mere citizen in the person of the Prime Minister in fact reigns over the monarchs?

All your petitions and memorandums simply end up in the forgotten files section of the Prime Minister Office Complex in Putrajaya.

Malaysians ought to wake up to this reality.

Until and unless any one of the current Sultans and Raja decides enough is enough and issues forth a royal decree calling upon the people to rally around him and support his wish to see to it that their Royal absolute powers are rightfully returned to the Malay Rulers and truly rule over this nation, all these talk of getting the Agong to put things right is just a passing notion that will fade away into nothingness.

This is the reality here. All our petitions, protests marches, our vigils, our bloggings, our raising of banners and placards will be just that. A sign of protest that will go into the history books but will not change the current status quo.

Can’t Malaysians see that until any of the Malay Rulers really do something in the lines of what I have expressed, not a whisker of the current Executive will be harmed or even touched!

We can dream on till Kingdom Come but nothing’s gonna change for us until the impossible happens. That impossibility is yet to be seen take place in this once acclaimed Malay empire.

For the moment being, carry on dreaming and praying for a miracle to stir any of the royal’s hearts for I know that the people are just itching to go pledge their alliances with any of the Sultans who has any iota of the ancient warriors blood in them.

Maybe, nothing will ever change and we will all just grow old and pass away frustrated, wishing for the nation to transform itself but such a thing only takes place in the old Malay bangsawan theatre.

Ah well, what the heck! Que sera sera…whatever will be..will be …the future’s not our’s to see..que sera sera..what will be ..will be…

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