April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Let’s be down to Earth regarding our ‘Angkasawan’.

First and foremost, I have no personal agenda or vendetta against the ‘Program Angkasawan Negara’ currently in orbit on the way to dock at the International Space Station in two days time.

Just feel that it is important to set the record straight and not get fibbed or bullshitted by our rhetoric spewing fellows running or in this case ruining the government.

When the term ‘Angkasawan’ is used, it denotes an acknowledgment of being an astronaut!
No sirree. Our doctor cum model is nowhere near that qualification.

Sorry to have to burst the ‘bubble’ that has been blown out of proportion by the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation fooling the Malaysian people into believing that our citizen doctor is anything but remotely close to being an astronaut as clearly stated in the Russian Space Web.com as being just a Malaysian citizen tagging along the real McCoy’s in the persons of Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and NASA astronaut Commander Peggy A.Whitson!

Click the screenshot and read for yourself what they call our ‘Angkasawan’?

SPACEFLIGHT PARTICIPANT doesn’t qualify one to be titled as an ‘astronaut’!!!

If you had been following the footage of the live broadcasting of the space mission, I am sure that you will have seen the terrified look of the Malaysian ‘angkasawan’ who had no tasks to do with the lifting off of the space rocket and clearly a glamorized passenger of the space flight compared to the Russian cosmonaut and the American female astronaut commander who was clearly the one in charge and handling the controls of the space rocket Soyuz TMA-11.

Only after the rocket safely entered into orbit, did we see the Malaysian citizen ease up and break into a smile, knowing that the dangerous part of the lift off and firing off into the atmosphere was over.

So much for the glitz and pomp down here on Earth that the ever extravagantly spending fellows trying to distract the whole nation with their ‘accomplishments’ of sending a Malaysian into space and call him as an astronaut!

Do we have rocket scientists like NASA designing and building spaceships?

Are we that bloody rich to spend so much money and go conquer space?

What is our objective in sending a citizen into space? Just to get his name into the Malaysian Book of Records?

I for one think that it is much more important for the Malaysian Government to look into the needs and welfare of the people than to go about chasing unnecessary space missions like this!

We have so much more urgent needs to see to it that our country’s infrastructures are built according to the highest standards and poverty be eradicated in our midst before embarking on such out of the earth space explorations.

When we have eradicated such situations in our nation and we have come to be so wealthy that we can afford to go chasing such high level dreams, then it would not be that vulgar to go pump up the PM’s ego.

Right now, its coming across as nothing but a distraction diverting the people’s focus and attention at more severe issues such as the rotten judiciary, rising crimes and other more serious cases which they are sweeping under the carpets of Putrajaya!

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