September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

9-11 Scam Exposed – Yet Muslims get scapegoated!

I know that you have seen many other videos exposing the 9-11 scam but this one really takes the cake!

See, hear and think for yourself what the American people who were there are saying and testifying before the whole damn world!

To those who think these eye witnesses are bullshitting , then you are clearly one of those who wouldn’t know the truth even if it hit you right smack between your eyes!

To those whose brain cells can still operate without bias , learn the truth and forget the lies that George Wacko Bush Jr. tries to keep repeating year in year out as his excuse to keep slaughtering the Muslims of the world.

See the explosives go off like the Chinese firecrackers at the start of this clear documentary!

Still believe that the WTC twin towers went down on their own after being hit by those planes?

WTC Building # 7 went down imploding into its own foundation ALTHOUGH no bloody plane or even a pebble smashed into it!

What do you say to that?

Still don’t believe that the 9-11 tragedy was an inside job? Well, trust the Americans themselves to debunk the myth by their own colorful vulgar language but still smacking the lies facedown here.

Caution : American vulgarities in full scale. Only fit to be watched by those who can bear 9 minutes of straight talking unedited American outrage against the manipulations of the Bush Jr.’s administration who orchestrated the whole scam.

As long as the war criminal currently holding court in Capitol Hill doesn’t come clean, we will continue to expose his crimes against his own people, all 3000 innocent victims who perished in the tragedy, and the millions who died in Afghanistan and Iraq, as a direct result of his waging war against two sovereign nations who did not have anything to do with the WTC destructions!

I ask you to think for yourself as to who are the real terrorists here?

Islam is being scapegoated for the crimes of Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney plus their gang of thieves in the EU.

Wise up and learn the truth behind the 9-11 scam.

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