April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Witness Protection Program – Does Malaysia have it?

I refer to the current situation where the video showing Datuk VK Lingam ‘fixing’ judicial appointments with the nation’s CJ is disputed regarding its authenticity for the sheer reason that the one who shot the video has yet to come forward to testify and admit to be the videographer.

I mean, who in his or her right frame of mind would want to endanger themselves in exposing their identity in admitting to such a high profile expose like this case?

What guarantee is there that the authorities will protect their ‘whistle blowing’ and see to it that their life is not put at risk by such testimonies?

Its not known for any whistle blower here in Malaysia to have escaped retribution from the culprits whom they exposed?

Personal safety of themselves and their loved ones plus their properties is not guaranteed by the present system.

We hear and see such programs in Hollywood movies and can just imagine the tremendous dangers and risks faced by such witnesses to major crimes like the VK Lingam-CJ fix up thingy!

VK Lingam is reported to have testified before the ACA after returning home from overseas. I just hope that he will be man enough to tell the nation what actually transpired and clear the mystery about his fix up phone call to the ‘CJ’ as clearly shown in the video.

Being a senior lawyer, he surely knows the law and how it works to the letter. He isn’t a country bumpkin to shy away from proclaiming out loud to the whole wide world if what he is reported to have done is exactly as they say?

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to take a stand and from the looks of things, I figure that Datuk VK Lingam surely knows this.

He is rich and powerful not like that reluctant witness who shot the video.

The question is does Malaysia have the ‘Witness Protection Program’ or is it just a figment of my imagination?

Another annoying question I have is ‘will the justice system that is actually being exposed to be what a bloody sham it is by such a video, protect the very person exposing their shenanigans?’

I am sure that you have the same questions in your mind. Who can share any info on this with me?

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