April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anti-Muslim Factor in Myanmar – Cause for Concern

I refer to a Muslim Blogger‘s call for us Muslims to exercise caution in supporting a ‘FREE BURMA’ campaign that those of us who are concerned about the current state of affairs going on over there in Myanmar today have blogged about and shown our support.

I understand his concerns for what he shares in his blog is something quite serious for Muslim Bloggers like me and others to take note of.

Pretty sensitive I might say when you have a country such as Myanmar or Burma as it was called before, going through such an upheaval where their rulers in the form of the military junta led by the tyrant Burmese Army General Than Shwe don’t discriminate between Buddhists and Muslims when it comes to smashing down the people’s opposition to their dictatorship.

What we see today is just that.

A military junta using violent brutal force to destroy all opposition to them without discriminating whether the people marching and protesting against them are their fellow Burmese Buddhists or the Burmese Muslim Rohingya’s!

It makes no difference to them and from a rational, realistic point of view, every one who understands how despots and tyrants operate, will see why to the Burmese military, creed or color is nothing special?

The thing is what can we as Muslim Bloggers do or how are we supposed to react to the carnage taking place there in Myanmar?

Do we just mind our own business and shut the hell up, writing about just Ramadan’s affairs and nice things , overlooking the fact that each and every Son and Daughter of Saiyidina Adam Alaihis salam and Saiyidatina Hawwa Radhiallahu anha , Mankind’s Father and Mother are but our fellow brothers and sisters?

Fellow humanbeings whose souls testified upon their creation that they acknowledge Allahu Ta’ala as their Rabb ; yet are born as whatever they are destined to be as the Taqdir of Ar Rahman?

I for one do not differentiate much between the blood spilt by a Buddhist or a Rohingya by their mutual enemy, the military junta of General ‘Bulldog’ Than Shwe !

It is true that we are to give preference to our fellow Muslims first before others but we here in Malaysia are just 3rd party observers and bloggers.

What can we do except to be balanced in our writings and see things for what they are and not be zooming in to the fact that treachery of the Buddhist monks and their fellow Buddhists against the presence of the Burmese Muslims there as reported here in Wikipedia testifies as being nothing but pure religious enmity and outright hatred fuelled by their miserable living conditions brought about by the regime’s oppressions against all Burmese without being biased against the general Myanmar population?

So, do we just close our eyes and be as the 3 monkeys and not bother blogging about it?

Should we just focus on enjoying our limited freedom to be as we get to be here in Bolehland or do we take the tragedy happening there in Myanmar as a precaution against allowing such a calamity to ever break out here?

Even Malaysian Muslims are being persecuted here by their fellow Malaysian Malays based on political differences and we have had our initial shooting incident involving the FRU special undercover Malay agent grievously wounding his fellow Malays over there in Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu!

What do we say to that ?

Its not a question of who has done what anymore? Its more to do with what are we as concerned Bloggers to do with the turn of events now, within our lifetime and not staying fixated on the bloody past?

The past is just that. Its history. We who are living now and be able to alert others through our writings and thoughts plus viewpoints or suggestions who can still do something to avoid similar tragedies from taking root here.

For all that we know, Muslims aren’t totally sin free or angels as recorded in human history. The 3 succeeding Khalifah Ar Rashidin after Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq were all assassinated and killed by their fellow ‘Muslims’.

I don’t even want to start writing about all the massacres and murders committed by so called fellow Muslims against our brethren and sisters all over the gone stir crazy world since time immemorial.

We have in our midst maniacs and murderous animals like the bastard who abducted, raped, sodomized, mutilated, tortured and killed a child as innocent , as beautiful, as sin free as the late Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, without an iota of mercy or compassion and dumped like a worthless carcass stuffed naked in a duffel sports bag after nearly a month of endless torture by the still at large but identified as a fellow Malay ‘Muslim’ and his accomplice Malay lady partner in crime!

So, to me , I don’t want to start being petty in choosing which cause I want to lend support to?

Crime is just that. It makes no difference to me if the perpetrator is a Muslim against a Kaffir or as we all know against fellow Muslims!

So is the same when others commit crimes against anyone else!

Each and every one of us are but servants of Almighty Allah. He created us. It is up to us to make sure that we strive to improve our lot and those of others by championing justice and fairness that we know exists in the Islamic Syaria of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and join forces with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Mankind in fighting against injustice, tyranny and discrimination, no matter who the hell it is that is doing just that!

I for one know that it is important to know that as a Muslim, we are to invite all mankind to the Way of Allah with wisdom and beautiful preaching and to fight against the enemies of us all, regardless of the difference in creed or color.

Blood is still red in color no matter whether the one who bleeds is a Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, whatsoever.

Pain and suffering feel the same no matter who inflicts it and who is the one suffering from it?

At times like these, we need to be color blind and overlook the differences between us and try to express exactly what we feel based on the internal and external expressions of outrage we feel swelling up from deep within each and every one of us who call ourselves ‘human’!

Failing which, we can just go to hell for failing to feel for others just based upon our petty racist ideas!

As Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala is my witness, I for one will never allow myself to be coaxed into shutting the hell up about the travesties of justice taking place before me by falling into the guilt trap raised by those whose hearts and minds are clouded by blinkered views and opinions.

What is happening in Myanmar is a human tragedy and may we be damned if we start blogging based on preferential topics, bogged down in just one or two ‘safe’ issues.

I am a Muslim who will fight for Islam as best as I can muster but those who think that Mahaguru58 is a bloody segregationist just because I come across as a Muslim fundamentalist have yet to know who the hell I really am and what I stand for?

I love Islam but doesn’t mean I have to love the sinners amongst the Muslims out there masquerading as holier than thou angels putting up a front and facade of being society’s champions or whatever cause it is they are striving for?

To each their own I say and for those who have come to know me in person like even the members of the Opposition parties here in Malaysia know that I do not differentiate between Muslims or Kaffirs.

Justice will prevail but it takes sincere people to fight for it. I initiated the Muslim Bloggers Alliance to streamline the good folks from amongst the blogging Muslims to channel our thoughts and efforts to bring about the unification of the ummah starting from amongst our peers.

The Malaysian Bloggers who have come to know us in person know that we are all for true justice and freedom for all regardless of political or religious beliefs.

The difference is knowing to separate the true Muslims from the great pretenders and avoid falling into the trap of being there amongst them just for the sake of solidarity in blogosphere.

Sorry. Have no wish to be a bloody hypocrite and pretend that all’s hunky dory between us when matters concerning the good name and reputation of Islam is concerned. we will defend Islam to our last breath if so demanded by the circumstances.

In between, we try our best to share the Truth of Islam with all so that they too will learn to acquire the rightful facts of the Way of Life that Allah Our Creator wants us all to know and live by.

So, if I come across as supporting the ‘FREE BURMA’ campaign, then do know that I support a free democracy there in the troubled nation . I am not rooting for the Buddhists or whoever has an agenda against the Burmese Muslims. Period.

To me, I regard all mankind as equal save for the matter of faith in Allah. Those who allow us to live and let live are my friends and I will support them wholeheartedly depending on their causes.

Those who are enemies to Islam and the Muslims are my enemies as well and I will fight them no matter what!

To finalize this article, I call upon my fellow bloggers to learn to rise above petty differences and to come together as one to fight tyranny no matter what flag they fly?

May justice prevail. Ameen.

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