April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

When Saffron Robes get splattered with blood!

A dead monk floating face down in a Burmese swamp, killed by the military junta of the rogue dictator General Than Shwe @ The Butcher of Burma.

The news reports online say that thousands of monks have been taken by force from the monasteries and driven away to be killed by the regime’s soldiers and their bodies dumped into the jungles and swamps such as this unfortunate monk shown here.

A bleeding protester cries in pain whilst being helped by fellow Burmese.

The protests started after the military junta raised fuel prices 500 percent over the last few weeks and caused many Myanmar citizens to suffer like hell due to the spiraling costs of living there.

Buddhist monks of Myanmar must surely have had it up to their limits of passive resistance to the oppressive military junta’s clamping down on the human rights and denying the democratic freedom sought by the Burmese people all these years.

These are individuals who have taken vows of peaceful pursuit of inner peace and tranquility through their Buddhist teachings.

Yet, since August this year, the saffron robes have risen in protest and led peaceful marches against the tyrants of the ruling military junta who denied Aung San Su Kyi her victory in the elections last couple of years and robbed her of the political mandate given to her by the people of Myanmar in the democratic process.

This is what happens when despots call the shots and deny the citizens the power to choose over who shall rule over them?

The Buddhist monks arising is something that is out of the ordinary considering that their vows of being passive and refraining from earthly desires and wants, yet are today being pushed to react and respond to the cries of the Burmese people.

Are we being witness to another historic turning point in human history?

From the looks of things, the UN or even America do not seem bothered enough to send in the marines to save the Burmese people from the regime’s bloodthirsty killers.

Could it be because Burma doesn’t have oilfields to be taken over once they ‘liberate’ the nation as they did over at Iraq?

Looks like we have double standards when it comes to ‘liberating’ countries from dictators and ruthless cut throat regimes.

I reflect back on the genocide that the Serbians perpetrated upon the Muslims in Bosnia & Herzegovina. America wasn’t that gung ho to go stop the massacres.

Darfur in Sudan has yet to see the Yanks and the Brits join forces to go kick ass of the robbers and rapists there.

Isn’t it obvious to the whole wide hypocritical nations of the world especially the useless UN that if they do not do anything to stop the genocide of the Buddhist monks of Burma and its long suffering people, they will lose any sense of legitimacy to even exist?

If the UN or the USA and its gang of thieves have any sense of moral responsibility, then waste no more time in ridding the nation of Myanmar of the current murderous military junta!

Justice must be seen to be served and dictators deposed. Not be debated about in useless forums and seminars which do nothing for the Burmese people.

I don’t even want to talk about our eunuchs in ASEAN. All they are good at is to make half baked statements and issue limp condemnations which are followed up by nothing but ‘hot air’.

Talk about spineless organizations. ASEAN, NAM, OIC are all just that. Good for nothing.

See for yourselves what took place there.

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