April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Myanmar Massacre – ASEAN infected with the 3 Monkeys Syndrome?

It’s horrible to learn about thousands of Myanmar’s Buddhist monks have been massacred by the military junta and their bodies thrown deep into the Burmese jungles.

Visit here to learn about this atrocity being carried out today right before the whole wide world!

Click here and here to view videos showing the Myanmar military firing into the crowds.

What is the use of having a coalition of Asian countries @ ASEAN which are powerless to do something to help save the people of Myanmar?

Is ASEAN seriously infected with the 3 monkeys syndrome? See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil?

If ASEAN does not have the military capability to go save the civilians of Myanmar from the tyrants and mass murderers destroying that country, what then is the UN Security Council waiting for?

If we fail to help those people dying in Myanmar today because of trade relations etcetera, to hell with ASEAN!

ASEAN, NAM, OIC are all a waste of precious funds and time to spend in because when tragedies and massacres like these taking place right before the very eyes of the governments of Asian nations do not stir a sense of responsibility to the citizens of a neighbouring country, I ask what is the point of having such groupings?

Is this what ASEAN stands for? Cowards who have not the will or the spine to uphold justice and freedom.

Will the leaders of ASEAN just shut their eyes, stuff shut their ears and plug in their mouths from taking action to save the lives of the monks and civilians of Myanmar, who are being killed in cold blood and temples desecrated by the military junta there?

We here in Malaysia are already shouldering unnecessary burden of the Myanmar Rohingya refugees fleeing certain death from the regime back there.

Its no longer an ethnic or religious issue. They are killing their own people. Monks are being murdered and massacred right before ASEAN!

What is ASEAN going to do about it?

Is there no joint military pact between member nations of ASEAN in the likes of NATO?

All these years, ASEAN has been holding meetings and seminars all over the region but when a heinous crime like this takes place, what’s the reaction from the ASEAN leaders?

Err…Malaysians are advised to stay clear from meddling into the affairs of the Myanmar junta. Talk about being bloody hypocrites!

Our DPM was the one who issued that warning…and he is this country’s Defence Minister.

What will he say when the bullets start flying across our borders and our nation’s security is breached?

Be like the ostrich and bury his head in the dirt with his butt sticking out? I just don’t know what these fellas are doing, being our bloody leaders?

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