September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Industrious Young Malaysian Chinese at Chow Kit

I came across a group of young Malaysian Chinese the other day at the Chow Kit area that put a smile on my face.

In these times when we hear of troubled youths raising hell in their parent’s life’s and giving the Malaysian authorities a royal headache will all kinds of moral and social problems, it was nice to see these young Malaysians do something useful like earning an honest living promoting a business package.

I salute these exemplary young Malaysians who are a good role model to wayward youths of the nation to stop the rot and to take charge of their life’s.

It takes courage and a sense of self confidence to do what these young people did especially the guy in the promo get up. I am sure that he will be successful in life in his future if he keeps up this kind of gung ho spirit.

Wish to see more Malaysian youth take charge of their life’s and be as these spirited young role models were yesterday when we went grocery shopping at the Chow Kit Wet Market.

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