April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Afghan Massacre of captured Taliban Prisoners Documented.

Do you remember this massacre of thousands of captured Taliban prisoners in one of the worst cases of war crimes cover up by the mass media?

American and Afghanistan forces exterminated thousands of Taliban fighters by imprisoning them in iron containers and cooking them to death under the blazing, scorching sun, whilst in the pretext of transporting them to prisons.

This video captures the horror of how human rights violations by the US Army and their Afghan ally government and how thousands of them perished and were interred in mass graves dug up in the desert.

For those of us who are living here in Malaysia, we should count our blessings and learn not to let the nation go to waste by not nipping corruption and abuse of power in the bud.

Al-Fatihah to all those lost souls who died in the massacre.

Afghanistan today is a living hell for many because of the manipulations of the politicians, warlords, druglords and foreign occupiers.

Malaysians need to wake up to the realities of life in other nations and learn about taking care of this nation so as not to fall victims to superpowers of the future.

Lawlessness by anyone has proven not to benefit any nation and the Afghanistan Taliban were also guilty of injustice and extremism against their own people.

This film is only capturing the tip of the iceberg so to speak. The horrifying death of freedom and justice there in the ravaged land of Afghanistan is just too gross and widespread to be ignored by the world.

The UN as always again has failed to do much to stop the rot of the quality of life for the civilians there.

Malaysians must work together to ensure that we will never have to face such a situation here.

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