April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Myopia of our Malaysian Government Ministers

If you are to believe that everything is fine and hunky dory with our Malaysian Government as what Nazri Aziz , the Minister in charge of Law and Parliament keeps telling us, then the rising crime in our nation must be a mirage!

The Malaysian Bar Council marching in Putrajaya last Wednesday demanding a clean up of our Malaysian Judiciary must have been a figment of our imagination.

Nurin Jazlin Jazimin’s brutal and cruel sadistic murder must have been our daydream, etc.

Nazri Aziz needs to be more gentlemanly in his role as this nation’s Law Minister. He is not to delude himself that everything is perfect and the sun is shining brightly all the time.

His recent statements and outbursts reflects badly on the state of government Abdullah Badawi is running.

We are not living in the Stone Age where knowledge can be manipulated as they please. This is the Age of Information where almost everyone save for the ostriches in our Malaysian Cabinet choose to bury their befuddled heads into the sand and stick out their butts to reflect the classic ‘See No Evil ; Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil’ mindset.

No sirree.

If our current Malaysian Government expects the people to respect them, then please treat us with respect in the first place.

The Rights and Freedom of the people of Malaysia are trampled upon and idle threats are issued forth by those who were trusted by the citizen voters of this country to do a good job.

The way some of our government cabinet ministers expose their lack of leadership skills and integrity only goes to show that they should not have been voted into position in the first place.

A country bumpkin has much more better commonsense and good values than to go insult the people’s intelligence with all kinds of namecalling such as a few of the dimwits in the cabinet have done!

Malaysians ought to wake up to the realities before us and check the achievements or abuse of power and position that these fellas have done.

I know that its hard for many to imagine any other party to run the show but Malaysians ought to know that they can have a better government if they are willing to go change it themselves.

If in the next GE, these same dimwits are re-elected by the voters to continue insult our intelligence for another bloody 5 year term, I say to all such foolish Malaysians -You deserve to be screwed by them till eternity!

Disasters after disasters are now taking place here in our nation as a result of mismanagement of this country and its environment by the current BN government.

All they are good at is giving ‘cock and bull excuses’ to warrant the rape of the environment.

50 years of uncontrolled illegal pig farming in Melaka has resulted in the ecological destruction of many parts of that historic state.

What has any Malaccan State Official done to stop the rot and the stench so to speak?

They amass wealth beyond their means. They live in opulence whilst the poor people of Melaka live in stinking shitty environments.

The truth of the matter is that the BN Government has been having it their way and they have grown so egoistic that they can be so bold as to insult us as they please knowing that there still exist idiots amongst the voting public who will without fail keep voting them into power to continue their dictatorship over this land that once was called Malaya – the Golden Chersonese.

Today, all the gold has ended up in the BN politicians coffers and overseas Swiss Bank accounts.

Why do you think that they are so vicious and heartless when any by-election takes place and why they will spare nothing to ensure that they get to keep their grubby fingers and clamp down onto the State and Federal Seats of Political Representation?

Not because they care and give a shit about you and me!

It’s all about them. About power, position, wealth and ability to do as they please.

You say you do not know about any of their wrongdoings?

Man, you too must be myopic and living in a fantasy. Bolehland.

Slap yourself awake and read all about it online.

You don’t have to run riot on the streets. You don’t have to do anything just yet.

You can do your thing by registering as a voter and exercise that right of yours to have a better government who will do as they say and not fool you as they please all these years.

Get wise and do just that. When the GE comes, remember that the fate of this nation is in our hands. Vote right.

That depends whether the bloody Opposition can get their lineup ready to rumble in time failing which we are stuck with the ones bullshitting to us since day one. Damn!

There goes my nation. To the dogs and swine. Stinks to hell.

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