April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

‘Walk for Justice’-Malaysian Bar Protest March -Pt.5

Somehow, the sight of the fully armed FRU failed to stir any feelings of fear or apprehension in this 49 year old self, as I am one who firmly believes in the Will of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and constantly remind myself of the temporariness of this earthly life.

In fact, I am known to go right into the fray and do what comes naturally to me, engage and embrace friends or lock horns with my foes if I needed to.

I always choose the first option failing which, what the heck? Go with the flow! Hehehehe….

Maybe, at the threshold of becoming a senior citizen, fear is not an option for me and I do like the notion of speaking my mind as I see fit due to my having survived life this far.

I do not see the FRU as my enemies for they are just government civil servants employed to do what they signed up for?

I was there as a concerned citizen of this nation and in my capacity as a citizen blogger who cares for my nation.

I chose to walk with the Malaysian Bar Council lawyers in their protest march because I believe that they are right in their demands for a clean up of our scandal riddled judiciary.

I am not anti-establishment. I am just fighting for a good clean, responsible, accountable government.

I am a bloody optimist. I prefer to look at the plus points of anyone or anything but if I see none, I just tell it straight up.

No hero worshiping of anyone but Allah the Almighty. I hope to see a better Malaysia. Period.

See his scowl? That’s what he is paid to do. To intimidate and fire that M16 if he needs to, first into the air to disperse the crowd and shoot to kill if he needs to or has received orders to do so.

I figured that since the FRU shot those two PAS supporters in Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu recently, they have no longer any qualms in shooting down protesters if they have to.

Only thing was that yesterday, before them were not ordinary kampong folks from PAS but the nation’s top most legal professionals.

The Malaysian Bar Council leadership no less and the attendance of thousands of Malaysia’s finest amongst the legal eagles and with politicians and bloggers amongst the protesters would surely destroy this nation’s reputation before the whole wide world should things get ugly as a result of any trouble breaking out.

Met Nathaniel Tan there at the march. The man has to really add some meat to his frame. I hope that Nat beefs it up for his health’s sake. I am sure Li Tsin wouldn’t object to my wish. 🙂

MENJ took the opportunity to pose with Nat as well.

Back to the protest. The agent provocateurs who would usually spark off incidents to start forcing the protesters and the FRU to engage in battle were obviously not keen to tangle with the lawyers.

As a result, when the FRU and their top brass decided to give way and let the protesters march right up front to the roundabout and remain there in a loud but still orderly manner, things came to a reasonable status quo.

The protesting lawyers vented out their frustrations and shouted out their demands for the authorities to really do something about the judicial abuse and scandals going on in the nation’s legal system.

The FRU didn’t have to do anything but hold their positions as they are expected to do. The stand off was also cooled off by nature when it rained heavily, soaking and drenching both the protesters and the security forces, easing away any discomfort both parties were experiencing.

We were all soaked but that didn’t stop us from giving our full support to the Malaysian Bar members who broke tradition and came out in full force to show the government that they were not happy with the scandals taking place in the nation’s top judiciary.

I am sure that now, Malaysians will no longer view the law practitioners of this nation as unreliable and only interested in fleecing anyone unfortunate enough to be embroiled in legal disputes or caught in the legal quicksands of the judicial process of this nation.

I am not saying that you can just trust anybody out there practicing law but at least those who turned up for the march showed that if needed to, the law professionals will rise to the occasion and defend the integrity of the rule of law in this country regardless of the position and office of the offenders!

Afraid that the computer will act up again and make me lose this post. More after this. So adios.

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