September 22, 2023


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Chow Kit Fresh Market-Best Value for Money in KL.

Malaysia has a wonderful range of fresh market produce and equally outstanding characters at our wet markets to entice many photography enthusiasts to go capture unique snapshots.

I had a field day today after shopping for our needs at the Chow Kit Fresh Market.

I tried my hand at taking such shots and also did a bit of photo editing to see what I can get from the special effects?

This guy sells prepacked Cendol and other foodstuffs at the entrance to the Chow Kit Fresh market.

The various colorful packs of drinks make a good subject for photography.

This is such an interesting effect using my digital camera’s photo editing software. Quite brilliant of the software writers to enable such interesting effects at the click of a button. Wow!

If you are keen to stretch that ringgits of yours in buying groceries and fresh produce, then head on over to the Chow Kit Fresh Market in the heart of KL Old Town.

Not only is the place full of character and a wonderful kaleidoscope of sight, sound, smell and color, it will definitely boost your spirits when you get to buy all the foodstuffs you need at a fraction of what it will cost you in the supermarkets!

Take the smiling vegetable seller for example. He sells long beans for just RM1.00 a bundle!
It’s enough for cooking two meals for two. Lunch and dinner.

Try eating at a restaurant and order a small plate of the same. It will cost you at least RM4.00 to RM5.00 at the mamak shop or even much more if you go to a fancy restaurant!

It pays to spend a bit of time and effort to drive to Chow Kit and do your marketing there.

There’s a lot of interesting sights to see, like this Chilli trader, who was sort of shy when he realized that I was going to take his photo. It’s a pity that I have only a compact digital camera.
If I had an SLR camera, I’d have a field day in capturing all the unique sights there.

They sell fresh fish here compared to the hypermarkets. I have seen the freshest of fish sold at the Kuantan Wet Market because they catch quality fish over there and its from the sea to the market there. I reckon the fish sold at Chow Kit are from the Kuala Selangor areas. Its still better than what you find at the supermarkets.

I didn’t buy beef from these fellas because its mostly prepacked imported beef from India. I opted for fresh slaughtered local beef from the butcher. Pricey though @ RM20 a kg.

Will be sharing with you more photos that I took there in my following posts.

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