September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

PDRM! Hunt the killer! Stop threatening Arwah Nurin’s Parents!!!

If there is one thing that we can expect from the Malaysian authorities, it is preposterous statements and idiotic conclusions about any one incident or tragedy like what Malaysia has seen.

I am referring to the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s threat to take action against the murdered Nurin Jazlin Jazimin’s parents for criminal negligence as reported here!









What utter stupidity or plain lack of compassion is this?










The family is already devastated in losing their beloved child but here comes our nation’s topmost police officer threatening to add further to the family’s misery!








Bravo Tan Sri! You are truly an inspiration to the sick, murdering @#$%^&*! out there who will now feel enamored to go about looking for fresh new victims to rape, sodomize, torture, mutilate and kill as they please!

Words fail me in trying to remain calm during my fast here reading such crap coming from you, of all people?!

If you have forgotten who the hell you are, let me just remind you.

You are the one whom we all place our trust in making sure that all the sick, demented beasts out there are hunted down, shot and killed if you will, in keeping this nation safe from such unthinkable harm!

Yes, we can’t be going around carrying weapons for use in case ourselves and our families are in any danger, can we?

We, the common citizens aren’t allowed to pack a pistol, revolver or whatever firearm or even a bloody keris for the matter to protect our families, can we?

What do we have to protect ourselves with?

Only our faith in Allah and our trust in you and your Royal Malaysian Police force!

That’s all we have.

Yet, here you are threatening those devastated parents of the late Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8 years old at time of death, with further trauma and heartaches of facing legal action?

Why don’t you just throw the whole lot of them into prison?

That would really make their day, won’t it?

Talk of the state of the police force here in this gone stir crazy nation?

Criminals get away with murder whilst the suffering parents of that innocent, mutilated child face imprisonment!

I just don’t know what the heck we Malaysians are to do with the likes of you and the equally dumbfounded ones we have in government, infamous for their matching cock and bull statements and screwed up opinions?

Looks like we are doomed into either fending for ourselves and our loved ones and do whatever the hell we have to do or just do like what some nations are forced to do when faced with anarchy and lawlessness in their lands.

Set up vigilante forces and hunt those sick b@$#@*%! down ourselves?

I implore the Malaysian authorities to stop spewing such vile threats and go address the main problem of tracking down those young Malay couple in their 20s that you say are seen in the CCTV recording after their dumping of the duffel bag and said to be Nurin’s killers and leaving in their Silver Perodua Kenari from the crime scene!

That is what the PDRM should do instead of adding salt to the bleeding hearts of the poor murdered victim’s parents!

You guys have children too, don’t you?

Imagine what you would do if it had been your child killed after being tortured, dishonored, humiliated and mutilated like that?

I know that you guys in the police force are expected to be tough guys and all that machoism stuff, but please have a heart and lay off making such stupid inhumane threats against Jazimin and Norazian!

No more! Leave them alone! Console them if you can but please stop adding to their miseries!

They are suffering enough! Damn it!

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