March 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Nurin Jazlin Jazimin’s ‘Death’ – Doubts prevail over the dead body?

I refer to the reports coming in saying that the dead girl in the duffel bag is said to be Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, the pretty lass pictured here who has been kidnapped and missing for a month.

There are several contradictions worth probing and looked into:

  1. The dead body is said to be devoid of the BCG inoculation scars of every one born here in Malaysia.
  2. The dead girl is having curly hairs whilst the pictures of Nurin clearly shows her having long straight hair.
  3. The teeth of the dead girl are unlike those of Nurin.

Another main point that has been lingering in my mind is surely the forensics department of the Royal Malaysian Police can make a positive identification of the fingerprints of the dead girl and those of Nurin if she is really the dead girl?

How about the birthmark said to be found on the thigh of the dead girl whilst Nurin’s parents say that their daughter doesn’t have any?

Another report says that it is believed to be a foreigner’s child.

All these contradicting reports add doubts to the saying that DNA tests of blood taken from the dead girl are coming out with a 99.9% match to those of Nurin’s parents.

In my heart, I am praying that it is not Nurin but just like everyone else, there’s nothing much we can do except to follow the reports as they are being published.

I don’t know about you but if I have my way, I’d see to it that whoever is the culprit responsible for killing the girl stuffed in the bag, be put to death in the same manner by which the poor girl had been sodomized and raped with foreign objects such as the brinjal and the cucumber found by the forensics department stuffed into and left in her genitalia.

















No matter that the killer or killers are male or female, the old Malay punishment of ‘sula‘ comes to mind.

Let people say we are barbaric, outdated or what the bloody hell ever, a life has been taken in the vilest manner ever known to us here.

It is not justice if we do not mete out the same if not worse upon the murderer or murderous demons!

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