April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

UPM Security Confiscate Student’s Laptop and Personal Items

Universiti Putra Malaysia is in the news for the wrong reasons again.

Instead of being famous for good academic results of its students, the university is now becoming infamous for the way the students are being victimized by campus security.

As was the case before, it involves Chinese students who are seen standing up for their rights in demanding that the campus security ‘Special Duties Unit’ Supervisor Zamali Haji Samsi return what’s rightfully the personal laptop, mobile phone, MP4 player, pendrive and several documents to the student!

Why is this happening in this university?

What kind of laws are these resulting in a racial polarization and victimization of our students?

Why the hell are the university authorities being so bloody racist? Doesn’t augur well for the reputation of the university.

If you don’t like to have non Malays students there, might as well make it a Malay only university. Easy for all that way! Saves all people lots of trouble and heartaches!

Maybe UPM stands for Universiti Perkauman Malaysia?

From the way, things are happening there, the description and suggested name change fits it to a ‘T’!

No wonder that the Non Malay Malaysians are all for having their own ethnic based universities!

So much for the rhetoric of ‘Perpaduan and Muhibbah’!

Any UPM student or staff care to update us on this?

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