April 14, 2024


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Batu Buruk PAS Supporters Shooting – Some questions?

I refer to the Batu Buruk shooting of PAS supporters by the FRU undercover policeman.

From what we see online is the deviously edited only video being shot by the Terengganu State Communications Unit @ UKOM which clearly shows the preparedness of that particular videographer to catch the PAS supporters reacting in response to the provocations from the undercover police agents after they deliberately tore down the stage for the rally speakers.

Most of us seasoned Malaysians can smell a rat from the feedback of eyewitnesses and the reports that the undercover police agents confiscated digital cameras, cameraphones and video cameras from those present in order to prevent any broadcasting of the free press of the sabotaging of that planned rally.

Malaysiakini managed to get an eyewitness share his experiences of that bloody night where he gave witness on video that he saw the policeman willfully shoot at the PAS supporters whilst running away from a couple of those PAS party members after being involved in an altercation with them.

From the angle of the video being shot by the UKOM videographer, we can clearly see that he shot the video from within the ranks of the FRU stormtroopers.

He had waited well prepared to catch footage of the instigated supporters give way to their emotions after provocations by the police undercover agents.

Another thing that I would like to ask is how come that the police agents managed to take photos of the 9 youths but weren’t able at all to take snaps of the helmeted flag burner?

Why? Could it be one of them?

Won’t you agree with me that the Batu Buruk incident seems well staged to demonise PAS before the incumbent PM declares the General Election?

This seems to be the modus operandi of our present government. Create a situation where scare tactics are used to maintain their hold of power over the nation by vilifying the Opposition by creating a situation such as what took place at Batu Buruk.

Just like Anwar was demonised as a sodomite and abuser of his power and position before being sacked unceremoniously, PAS is now being castigated as troublemakers and accused of something sinister without furnishing proof of such accusations!

Malaysians, be aware of such lowdown dirty tactics because the way things are going in this nation, don’ be surprised if you read of some of the Opposition leaders disappearing from the picture because things can be orchestrated to take place as planned.

You think these can’t happen? Think again!

They have started shooting civilians under pretext of being forced to do so. Same thing can happen to any of us.

All these is the work and manipulations of those who obey express orders from the powers that be.

There is more action coming our way. I can just visualize the end results. Not that good for sure!

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