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Anonymous commenters and their hate campaigns

Am I wrong in thinking that most anonymous commenter’s are useless individuals wallowing in self pity and working hard to fan racial and religious sentiments or is it isolated cases of mentally challenged, spineless hate mongers, who don’t have the courage to reveal themselves for who they truly are because they are usually proven not right?

I can’t help but think that this is the reality for usually those who are upfront about who they really are have some substance to back up their views and are willing to discuss and debate in a manner befitting their individual levels of intelligence and professional or even amateurish standpoints.

Just take a look at the way some of these anonymous commenter’s speak or those who post just one single entry in their blog to validate their being a blogger?

I think that its something to do with the way our schools are not really educating our young minds out there especially in the goodwill and fair views of acknowledging the good that we have and not allow egocentric and racist or religiously screwed up mindsets!

The nation needs to address this cancer before it spreads and anonymity should not be a license to spew hatred and ill will amongst the online population.

I call upon all fair minded Malaysians to stop the rot especially in the anonymous mindsets!

This exchange is from my article here.

Boo said…

>> Malaysians can’t expect the government or the opposition or anyone else to keep babysitting them.
>> Do not blame others if you do not work for your keep.

So I presume that’s a resounding vote for abolishing the bumiputra policy. Or is there a double standard lurking somewhere in the darkness?

Wednesday, 29 August, 2007


mahaguru58 said…

Well anonymous boo,

There is no relevance to what I said about people needing to work for their keep and you assuming that it infers to the bumiputera policy!

Do you seriously think that its up to you or me or anyone else out there?

We are just common citizens. If its to be its up to the Royal Majesties as to what they decree it to be?

Don’t daydream that the Malays will be willing to surrender more of their rights than they already have!

Non Malays are fortunate enough to be unhindered in their self enterprise to improve and enrich themselves without having to beg for government subsidies.

Not all the Malays are getting the privileges as it is.

Don’t you ever watch TV3 ‘Bersamamu’?

Who do you think is featured the most?

apart from a few Chinese and Indians, it is the majority of the rural and even urban Malays who are suffering from lack of government aid or their own unfortunate circumstances.

Whatever it is, isn’t it right for us to seek our own fortune?

Do not deviate from the topic bro and if you really want to be held credible, don’t hide under a pseudonym.

I didn’t know that you are another one of those anonymous blog commenters.

I try my best to just respond to bonafide bloggers.

I prefer to know with whom I am engaging in a conversation.

Never liked talking to strangers!

Hope you would be gracious enough to let me know who you are by email?

Thanks. Send it to mahaguru58@gmail.com

Wednesday, 29 August, 2007


Convoy said…


Very well spoken mahaguru58 sir! It is hard to respond in a reasonable manner to non-Bumis regarding what they consider as a “discrimination” towards them. It’s even HARDER to convince them that Bumis have an equally (if not MORE) fair share of suffering from “discrimination” as well, like what you said regarding TV3’s BERSAMAMU.

Friday, 07 September, 2007


Sujend said…

definately..tv3 is malays channel!!..they’ll definately feature malays and not chinese or indian!!(name me any tamil programme aired in tv3??)..
its just unfair..we INDIANS came to malaya 200 years ago..and still considered 2nd class citizens..whereas bugis,javanease who came much later can njoy bumiputraship!!
the fact is there are marginalisation!!
pls keep in mind without the support from the chinese and indians..Malaysia cant achieve what it had achieved now!!
Who gonna work in railways stations and rubber tapping estate?…who gonna deal the with the timber mining work?..

Malay+chinese+indians = success

priviledge + marginalisation = sharing wealth

the equation doesnt tally my friend!!

Sunday, 16 September, 2007


mahaguru58 said…

The subject matter is not TV3 being pro Malay or whatever!

You seem confused about what we are discussing here young man.

Do not mislead yourself with that kind of ‘it’s not fair this and that mindset’!

The topic of this article is that your esteemed leader and ‘Spear of your Samy @ Deity’ is saying that HINDRAF’s allegations about the Tamil Indians have been marginalised and forgotten by the Malaysian Government since Merdeka are all bloody lies!

That’s the subject matter..not TV3!

Go read up your History books once again and see things for what they are and not what you are deluding yourself with.

Maybe you have yet to learn about what Indians in this country have achieved due to wallowing in self pity or engaged in Malay bashing amongst your peers.

Do not grow up hating others for the lack of enterprise of your fellow Indians who CHOOSE to remain in those rubber and oil palm estates.

See the progress that many Indians have made in the field of business and industry in our nation.

Maybe you have yet to hear of Ananda Krishnan,one of the filthy rich Malaysian Indian billionaires, who owns and runs ASTRO, MAXIS, MEASAT,etc?

Eversendai Corporation, a Malaysian Indian owned Construction giant who built the Burj al Arab in Dubai and are among the largest Malaysian builders and construction companies out there in the Middle East?

I can keep naming and showing you examples of what many Malaysian Indians have achieved since Independence but it will be of no use when you keep your vision focused on the butts of those who CHOOSE to wallow in self pity and lament about why they are in such situations in those estates you mentioned!

HINDRAF are just playing the racial and religious sentiment in stirring up unrest in this nation , championing the illegally built temples and this and that for a purpose.

Check out who are the ‘brains’ behind HINDRAF and you will see legal eagles who have their own agendas for self advancements not for the community as they would claim loudly through their loudhailers but usually for themselves.

Creating unrest draws attention to themselves. This is a form of trumpeting oneself to let people know about them.

If those of you are really concerned about the welfare of your fellow Indians languishing in the estates, then go educate them about the various opportunities available in our country that are now being grabbed and enjoyed by foreign immigrants to our shores such as the enterprising Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Vietnamese workers.

All our fellow citizens especially the Indians in the estates do is wallow in self pity and complain like hell!

No one’s stopping anyone from doing business or start any self enterprise.

Go check out the various Little India’s here in KL, Penang, Ipoh, and all other major cities or towns in this Malay ‘favoring’ nation!

Until and unless you get rid of that cloud of hatred and animosity clouding your judgment and rationality, you’d remain where you are and complain till Kingdom come!

Sunday, 16 September, 2007


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