April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Witchhunt of Batu Buruk ‘Rioters’ is on!

Have you seen the short ‘riot clip’ that they are showing on RTM every now and then?

They have added and intermixed clips from other countries where rioters were shown being on the streets throwing stones and burning things to end it with the infamous mysterious helmeted idiot burning our national flag in the Batu Buruk incident!

They top it off with ‘ Ini bukan budaya kita!‘ Yeah right!

Our culture is committing fitnah against citizens who just want to gather and listen to their leaders speak against the corrupt and irresponsible ones in government!

Our culture is to play dirty and cause havoc just before every GE and By-Election!

Our culture is to hire goons and thugs to rough up innocents and intimidate the Opposition into giving up their dreams of living in a free nation!

Our culture is to call anyone who doesn’t agree or kowtow to us as ‘troublemakers and traitors to the nation’.

Our culture is to hold back allocation funds for projects in the Opposition held constituencies and let the place go to waste whilst we misappropriate such funds for our own use.

Our culture is to deny the Opposition airtime to state their points and to warn any media from giving space to the Opposition in their publications or broadcastings.

We also have a last measure of using the ISA, OSA and all kinds of A in the pipeline waiting for them to disappear from sight for a while whilst we sweep clean all opportunities for ourselves!

This is the start of the campaign to discredit the Malaysian main Opposition party @ PAS because it is the only party from the Opposition that has to date been able to defeat the BN and run two states, Kelantan and Terengganu on the Malaysian Peninsular’s East Coast.

PAS lost Terengganu narrowly in the last general elections due to Haji Hadi Awang’s failure to come across as a genial down to earth leader. The guy is just being himself, tough and stern. That’s his character. You don’t expect him to turn into a drama actor, do you and put up a false front?

He has issued the edict against UMNO members before @ Amanat Tuan Guru Hadi where he labels UMNO members as Kaffirs for failing to uphold the Qur’an ans the nation’s Supreme Constitution.

You can’t blame the man for stating his mind openly. That’s his views.

The BN naturally after having been in power all these years will not idly stand by and watch the Opposition gain and garner strength pending the arrival of the General Election.

They will launch all kinds of campaigns to undermine the opposition.

This clip is a cut n paste job of riot scenes from Pakistan and Bangladesh, ending with that agent provocateur in the helmet burning the national flag and then we have that catch phrase’ Ini bukan budaya kita!’.

Clever? Nahh! Guys like me can easily figure out how shallow such a smear campaign is?

Too amateurish if I may say so!

With today’s advancements in the field of media editing and technology, that is a lame attempt to vilify PAS using a trick and repeating it in a loop over and over again.

Sort of an idiotic manner to tar and feather the PAS fellows and make them be seen as the bad boys of the nation.

That helmeted nincompoop burning the flag could have been anyone but to say that he represents PAS is plain stupid!

Any paid actor or in this case, instigator could don a helmet and burn whatever flag or insignia they want?

The ones responsible for this should have gone one step further.

They should have had the idiot don a bloody jubah and adorning a serban, wearing a PAS flag to make it easier to incriminate the Islamic party and burning the Jalur Gemilang, UMNO flag, even the Agong’s flag so to speak!

That would make it easier to influence the ignorants among Malaysians to swallow their propaganda dirty tactics and hate PAS blindly!

What do the instigators take us for? Stupid?

C’mon lah! That’s just insulting the intelligence of the Malaysian public or are we still in the stone age to believe all the crap they are dishing out like that RTM smear campaign?

You need to do more than that lah RTM! Go learn from Hollywood!

U guys are a bloody joke! Don’t make us puke with your amateurish production! No class!

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