April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysians ought to check the truth of mainstream news

I refer to the current manner by which the supposedly authoritative mainstream news are printed and sold to the general Malaysian public almost always paints the Opposition in a negative light and attempts to whitewash abuses and offenses committed by the authorities like the recent shooting of two civilians by an undercover FRU personnel at the BERSIH rally at Batu Buruk Beach, Kuala Terengganu.

The same whitewashing of the security forces violent assault against unarmed civilians is carried out simultaneously by the electronic and broadcasting media, who unabashedly accuse the Opposition Parti Islam seMalaysia of creating a situation of lawlessness and attempt to make the ruling BN Coalition Government of Malaysia look bad in the eyes of the world.

I think that’s just a case of too little, too late as far as the infamy concerning the way things are run here in Bolehland is concerned.

There’s just too many cases of abuses and corruption reeking from the way the BN has run the country since Merdeka.

The whole world knows who has done what and how yet because certain idiots in office imagine themselves to be the righteous ones and free from sin , the sickos live in a delusional world where they figure themselves to be the saviors of Malaysia but in actual fact are the very vicious demented criminal wolves in sheepskin, masquerading as the holy moly leaders of the nation.

Dementia works wonders when one is fed constant bullshit by those whose sole existence seems to apple polish their ways to a life full of temporary wealth and opulence.

One has just to read what trivial crap comes out of the mouths of those in question to know that there’s just too much compost that one can stomach reading such propaganda that would put the infamous Minister of Information of Saddam Hussein’s regime to shame!

Looks like our nation’s version of that clown is hellbent on beating that stooge in that record!

We all know what takes place as a result of all the constant lying and conniving that such irresponsible felons in office go about with a certain level of schizophrenia that those chaps in Tanjong Rambutan will pale in comparison looking at the stage of ball carrying that takes place in Putrajaya.

Malaysians. Please use your commonsense in listening to, watching or reading what the ‘mainstream mass media’ dishes out to you so that you will be alert to their attempts to fool you with lies and untruths that is designed to keep the culprits in office for another term to enable them to continue their dictatorship in comfort whilst feeding peanuts to the populace.

I am not saying that you must swallow hook, line and sinker what the alternative media in the form of online news portals and blogs publish but at least now, you have a choice!

As level headed citizens, we must not be fooled to believe all the bullshit that the powers that be attempt to mesmerize us with and learn to see the real situation by comparing articles, reports and best of all, visual proof before coming to any conclusion as to who are the guilty ones and who are the true criminals?

See that the media can and they have in many cases before this and even as we speak, turned sinners into saints and vice versa by manipulating the truth and brainwashing the Malaysian public by their arrogant accusations and willful editing of the events reports and paint the Opposition to be what they aren’t.

A cleverly edited and manipulated visual ‘news clip’ will show the audience what they want you to see and witness but if you are resourceful, you’d do better when you go to You Tube and see for yourselves uncut and unedited raw footage of what actually took place at any given place and incident.

Am I saying that the whole government apparatus is rotten to the core? Nope!

The government is made up of individuals just like you and me. Circumstances and vested interests especially when one holds executive positions in the ruling coalition will warrant the incumbent to do all that he or she can to hold on to power and go all out to demonise their challengers and opponents.

This is human nature. Even a primitive impulse one might say. Any being will try to ward off any attempts to take over one’s abode and seat of power what more when it involves incomes that can go into the billions and millions of easy attainable money when being in those lucrative positions.

History shows us how certain tyrants will spare no quarter in getting rid of their enemies and opponents in any which manner they can and here in our nation, it is not that different.

We have now witnessed for the first time in our nation’s history, a security personnel shooting live bullets into the civilian population as a result of a clandestine attempt to spark off a vicious cycle of violence and lay the blame on PAS, the BN’s favorite scapegoat for all time.

They won’t dare do that on the DAP as the DAP are mostly Chinese and any assaults against the Chinese will expose them to be racist chauvinistic swine like those critters in Paya Mengkuang, Melaka.

Compare the approach taken by the FRU in Melaka and the one in Batu Buruk.

See how the security forces didn’t go all out to smash and break down the barricades and subdue or overcome the clearly arrogant and ready to fight Chinese illegal pig farmers and the manner by which they wouldn’t waste a second in bulldozing and beating senseless the PAS supporters in Terengganu?

See for yourself how the DAP show the FRU that they are ready to kick ass and fight the authorities who don’t dare to touch them ? One Chinese guy even swears expletives at the FRU and challenges them to cross over and shouts cuss words in Hokkien at them!

He’s wearing the black T-shirt with the yellow ‘C’ logo ! Shouting ‘Lai lah! Kan….( a vicious vulgar insult) challenging the FRU who don’t do nothing to him?

Why don’t they dare to touch him? Why the double standards ?

Are the PAS Malays inferior beings and can be bashed up black and blue whilst such open challenges by the illegal Chinese pig farmers openly defiant and challenging the FRU be allowed to get away with it?

What bloody hell kind of justice is this?


They deserve to be insulted like that by the pig farmer! Looks like the pigs of Melaka fare so much more better than the PAS Malays of this nation!

The Melaka Chinese illegal pig farmers are so happy to see the tractors pull out and the FRU return with their tails between their legs as shown clearly in the Malaysiakini video above.

Sorry. No such kid gloves treatment for the PAS Malays. They have now been shot at with live ammo and can look forward to an early death at the hands of their fellow Malays but who happen to be stooges of the current airheads!

Last night, the Imam Besar of Islam Hadhari accused PAS of being the instigators of the Batu Buruk incident! Yes, it’s PAS members who shoot people with live bullets, isn’t it?

It is PAS members who desecrate masjids by shooting teargas into the House of Allah, isn’t it?

It is PAS members who go about assaulting anyone who happens to be there with truncheons and kicks civilians bloody, isn’t it?

Looking at such a travesty of justice against members of a Malaysian legally registered political party, I can’t help but applaud that Chinese illegal pig farmer for the way he hurled those cuss words at the FRU!

He is a symbol of how the Melaka illegal pig farming Chinese fare so much better than the Malays who happen to be PAS members but now in hospital recovering from gunshots fired by their own kind!

Those of you Malaysian Chinese who keep complaining that the Malays are treated better than you all these while by the Be End, better slap yourselves awake that things aren’t exactly rosy for all the Sons of the Earth as here they are shot by their own kind for no rhyme or reason other than that they support the Islamic Party of Malaysia @ PAS!

Fair, huh? Wake up lah taikor’s! It’s nothing personal just plain bloody screwed up Malaysian politics!

They don’t give a shit about who they shoot as long as they obey orders from you know who?

Whether its a fellow Malay before them or a Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Orang Asli, Mat Salleh or whatever, they’ll just blast you down like they did at Memali, Baling, Kedah before or have you Taikor’s forgotten that massacre?

The recent events are more to do with trying to placate the Chinese voters and their influence if they had gone ahead and destroyed all those illegal pig sty’s than a matter of ethnic based issue as all have always imagined!

It’s power and politics. Period. The PAS Malays aren’t a liability to them as far as they are concerned. It’s all a matter of filing the case as self defense even though the victims brandished no weapons or put the shooter in mortal danger as being claimed by the Terengganu CPO!

Read here to learn that the FRU shooter was standing upright as he blasted away at the unarmed Malays of PAS!

Read here about how a Malaysian Indian shares his experience in witnessing agent provocateurs from the Special Branch instigate violence and then turn around and arrest Reformasi supporters way back then in 1999.

You guys know how it is here in Bolehland, so please all you Taikor’s get your facts right before you swallow all the bullshit that the ‘authoritative main media’s shove down your throats or broadcast to your minds.

If you are a true Malaysian citizen concerned about all these crimes being perpetrated against your fellow citizens regardless of creed or color, then please, do not be fooled into believing all the crap that is published by the ass kissing mainstream mass deceiving media.

Compare between them and the free media and then decide as to who’s spinning a yarn and who’s publishing the truth. I guess, by now, you know which!

Be wise and choose properly as to whom you want to be your future leaders of Malaysia.

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