May 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Pre-General Election Safety Measures Tips.

All Malaysians of voting age and supporters of a free democracy in Bolehland take note.

As of the recent live firing of two PAS supporters by an undercover FRU policeman at the Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu BERSIH rally, it is now assumed that the Pre-General Election Program to stir unrest and the annual bash up of anti BN Government Malaysians is now in session.

Those of you who have the means are best advised to invest in a Kevlar body armor and don bulletproof vests and headgear if you intend to attend any Opposition events.

This warning comes a wee bit too late for implementation at the Maika Shareholders Meetup and is deeply regretted.

Those of you who are familiar with the ultra large sunglasses worn by the rich and infamous ala the late Altantuya’s cousins are encouraged to don them when attending any forums or meetings because as seen at the Maika bash up, some attendees attempted to throw curry powder at the eyes of their opponents! So, those large Gucci type sunglasses might come handy in preventing any spicy mixture smarting your precious eyes.

For folks who were once rugby players and still have your groin guards, best deploy such armor to avoid getting kicked in the balls by our fully armored riot squad chaps in the FRU and try your best not to leave your head unprotected.

A serban might be okay but not really effective in cushioning the blows from a smashing baton of the men in red helmets.

Best be the fullface helmets but then again you’d soon pass out due to the extreme heat incurred should you be in an open air rally like the one at Batu Buruk.

The agent provocateurs seem to have received the all clear to use even live bullets against peaceful ceramah attendees so, all you diehard freedom seekers in the Opposition, best prepare your wills in case you end up being a number amongst the statistics in the next day’s major kowtowing and news altering ‘newspapers’.

Nominate your loved ones to be your EPF beneficiaries before attending any more rallies as it is going to be a major life and death situation.

As usual the ‘Pembangkang’ will be plastered as ‘musuh negara’ and portrayed as such by our squeaky clean , sin free angels in the current regime.

All of you who have the balls to stand up and fight for this country’s future peace and security have the nation’s respect and the undertakers admiration.

The time has come for the annual DAP hugging PAS top guns and vice versa under the pretext of camaraderie and back slappings whilst PKR will be the matchmakers once again.

All the cheek kissing and warm handshakes will last until the GE comes over and brushes through the flotsam generated by the anti BN taikors whilst the textile manufacturers especially in the batik and kain pelikat industry will be kept busy with the huge orders stockpiling by the cash stuffed BN coalition to be distributed to the pakciks and makciks who will swear to live and die by their chosen pemimpin rakyats!

Expect the mamak shops to be filled to the brim by the Gerak Gempur squads of UMNO, MIC and MCA!

Flag makers and party merchandise makers will have a swell day catering to all the power seekers.

For the first time in this nation’s history, we have witnessed shooting of common citizens by the security personnel and this taking place under the governance of the most exemplary outstanding peaceful leader of the century in Malaysian soil and under the banners of Islam Hadhari. Wow! What an achievement?

Will this enter the Malaysian Book of Records?

PAS, DAP and PKR members. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala protect you from your fellow Malaysians especially those packing the .38 Smith & Wesson or the other fine weapons that our boys in blue pack on duty or undercover.

As for the future of this country, it is up to all registered Malaysian voters who will decide who is going to run the government after this current taikors of the Be End who have had it their way since Independence Day in ’57.

Do Malaysians have it in them to effect change? From the likes of those whom I have seen, hehehehehe…I will really be totally surprised if any such thing ever takes place on this soil!

Once again, do take all necessary life saving measures and precautions advised above for your own safety and wellbeing.

Cemerlang! Gemilang! Terbilang! Whoopee!!!

Rasa Sayang…eh rasa sayang sayang eh… eh lihat nana jatuh kena hentam FRU eh!

Rasa sayang rasa sayang sayang lihat Ah Chong kena sembur , rasa sayang ,sayang eh..

What a feeling….Demo Crazy is alive and errr…but not so well eh!

My wellwishes to the chaps who got shot! May they live on to lead fruitful life’s with their loved ones. Ameen.