April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaccan Pigs Fare better than Opposition Parties

I guess that one can say that the Malaccan illegal pigsty’s and their owners fare so much more better than the Malaysian Opposition parties when it comes to being treated differently by the Malaysian Police Force which acts under the orders of the ruling party of UMNO and its coalition of ‘yes’ men and women of the Barisan Nasional!

Why do I say that?

Well, one has just to compare the ‘kid gloves’ treatment which the PDRM meted out to the obstinate and aggressively violent manner by which the Malaccan Chinese illegal pigsty owners barricaded themselves and smashed against the FRU shields with their pig cages and the clearly violent offensive manner by which the FRU smashed the gathered Malaysian Opposition party members who were at Batu Buruk Beach, Kuala Terengganu to attend a BERSIH rally by their leaders?

The BN controlled mass media conveniently portrayed the opposition party members as rioters and in the process where an FRU member shot two Malays who were PAS members with live bullets in the confrontation! Read about it in detail here.

Talk about the Malaccan pigs getting preferential treatment from the FRU!

Well, as the General Election draws nearer, you can be guaranteed that this time around, the violence and bloodshed that we all saw took place at the Ijok by-election will pale in comparison to what the BN has planned in the carrying out of their ‘Gerak Gempur‘ battleplans!

Opposition party members better be prepared to suffer broken limbs and bloodshed this time around for as the general Malaysian population get more uncensored feedback and news input from the internet and blogs, the resentment and uneasiness of the ruling party leadership is getting more intense and they are paranoid in gripping on to their seats of power by all means possible even if it means risking life’s and inflict as much damage to the Opposition as they can!

I can safely say that the ruling BN will spare no quarters in unleashing all that they have within their means and influence to break the Opposition down even by brute force by looking at how they manipulated the recent by-elections which saw the Opposition bloodied and bruised by the awesome government machinery which the BN abused without second thoughts!

The BN has become so ruthless over the years due to the Malaysian population apathy towards standing up for their rights to have an accountable government.

Malaysians are the most docile beings on the planet. They always tend to look the other way when they see any injustice take place before them save for the Bloggers and Opposition party members!

The majority of dissenting citizens are the Opposition’s silent supporters who just don’t dare to risk their life’s and limbs for the sake of fighting for a true democracy. As long as they remain so, things won’t ever change here in Malaysia.

I am not calling for any uprisings on the streets but rather asking for people to be more vocal in their sharing of news and views online so that the ones abusing our trust know that they can’t keep on terrorizing common citizens into submission.

We have a choice of voting in a rightful government at the polls. Use that choice to effect change!

Many just dare to remain anonymous when speaking or commenting in blogs and online forums for fear of retribution from the powers that be save for those of us bloggers who don’t wish to remain quiet about the way things are taking place here in Malaysia.

For all the ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ propaganda that the ass kissing ministries put out and try to fool the world, reality crops up every now and then like the recent skirmish in Terengganu!

The recent Budget 2008 has been announced in a way to sweeten the hearts and minds of all those fence sitters and apathetic Malaysian voters so that the BN can get away with another 5 year term of rampaging through the assets and resources of this nation.

For someone who put up the act of being Mr.Clean and looking for ‘Al-Ghazali’, the current airhead Prime ‘leader’ has not delivered what he had promised us all ; ‘ a clean transparent government that will get rid of all the guilty corrupt persons in power’.

Instead we have seen many prominent ‘sharks’ escape the dragnet and swim about unhindered in the oceans of Malaysian government buffoonery masquerading as the ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang’ bullshitters of all time!

The Klang illegal palace of Datuk Zakaria still stands. He has had all the corruption charges against him dropped due to ‘technicalities’, Eric Chia has been ‘cleared’ and deemed ‘sin free’, the former Director-General of the anti Corruption Agency has been ‘whitewashed’ as being a ‘saint’ and also the current Inspector General of Police has had his self pronounced ‘squeaky clean’ as a police whistle by the Attorney General who has the power to condemn or release anyone here in Malaysia.

Mind you, even the Supreme King of Malaysia is not above the law here as the AG can if he so wants to, to take the YDP Agong to the Special Court if His Royal Highness errs in any way.

Such are the powers of the commoners who in actual practice rule over us all in the form of the rhetoric spewing ‘Islam Hadhari’ conjurer current Malaysian Prime Minister and the Attorney General and their ‘Yes Sir, yes sir’ kowtowing team of cabinet ministers.

Woe betide anyone who dares to go against the grain here in this nation.

Sothinathan found out how things are when one tries to stand up for one’s principles. Kayveas and Ong Tee Keat found out when they too stood by their principles. Shahrir Samad saw himself having to quit being the Barisan Backbenchers Chairman when he too tried to be true to his calling.

Practically, in the BN, there is no room for any show of dissension. You can’t question the top leadership even when you know that they are wrong or have done nothing to stop the rot!

You want to stay in office? You must kiss the hand of the PM whenever you are in his presence and you must not object to anything! You are safe if you practice good kowtowing and the more you praise him, the higher the chances of you getting a raise soon, in any which way they deem it fit for your level of showing obeisance to the ‘Supreme Leader’ in the Prime Minister’s Department.

The current expose of how the Ministries inflate and ‘pay out’ contracts and tenders many many times more than the actual value and costs of supplies and services rendered to them shows just the tip of the iceberg so to speak where many in government get fat from their ill gotten gains whilst the public get calls from them to exercise prudence and live within their means and be grateful to the Barisan Nasional for allowing them to live and exist!

‘U Must Not Object!’ is the order of the day!

I knew that PAS will get clobbered for flying so many of their party flags along the roads leading to and fro Rusila when I travelled to Terengganu the other day!

Guess, PAS forgot that power doesn’t come to those who fly as many flags as they want but that they must learn to capture the hearts and minds of the common folks and build up a steady and close relationship with the ordinary pakcik, makcik or abang and adiks there in Terengganu and the the rest of the nation!

Spending so much money on giant and egoistic flags just serves to drive away the silent supporting majority of Malaysians who want to see a better , rational, just and accountable government!

To me, PAS screwed up royally in terms of PR with the Malaysian people by forgetting the cardinal rule of camaraderie with the average Malaysian instead of festooning the roads and masjid’s with party flags!

A masjid must not be made into a one party establishment. It doesn’t matter if PAS built the masjid with their own funds. A masjid must remain neutral.

Diehard blinkered individuals will say that as PAS built that masjid in Rusila they deserve to do what they please with the building but to me that’s wrong!

A masjid must be accorded its rightful place as a House of Prayer to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and everyone is entitled to visit and pray in the mosque to Allah without any feeling of being discriminated against by its administrators.

UMNO and PAS. Two egoistic giant Malay political parties who seem to want to carry on with their ‘Cold War’s till Doomsday.

The Malaysian nation will see just how obstinate both these parties are when comes Election time.

PAS,DAP,PKR and all the NGO’s and Bloggers can rant and rave here online but in reality the powers that be can simply bulldoze us all away as they please and character assassinate us as rioters and treasoners as they wish in ‘pooh pooh’ing away any opposition to their iron fisted policies of cronyism and nepotism that is running rampant in government.

As for now, the Malaccan pigs and their illegal owners can snort around unmolested whilst the Terengganu PAS Opposition party members in custody and the two gunshot victims of the FRU in the ICU can be assured that there’s more pain coming their way from UMNO and the PDRM courtesy of the powers that be!

From the looks of things, the Malaccan pigs are truly being treated as kings! Rhymes well, eh?

Excellent write up on the tragedy here.

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