September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Best Malaysian Themed Clip of all time! Party….err Patti @ ‘Grandma’ !

This has definitely been my favourite Malaysian themed video clip of all time!

I understand that the Grandmother featured in this award winning most loved Deepavali celebrations ad from Petronas is no longer with us. I leave it to Almighty Allah to accord to her soul her just dues. Ameen.

I hope that the mass media handling the mega screens in our nation’s cities will screen this clip every now and then to help remind our ‘yo! yo! hip hop crazed youngsters not to forget their true identities!

Patti! Where ever you are, know that you have millions of fans here in Malaysia!

‘Dinky Dee’ @ Muniandy Chinnadorai ! You rock !

Hehehehehe…ahhh..and not forgetting …’Sam’ @ Muthusamy Karuppiah!

First class Malaysian video of all time! You guys get my vote for this!

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