April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

‘Melayu Semakin Hilang dari Dunia’! The Disappearing Malays.

Takkan Melayu Hilang di-Dunia!‘ so uttered the Malaccan Sultanate’s foremost legendary Malay warrior according to the ‘Sejarah Melayu‘ and often repeated in theater plays since the demise of the historical Malaccan empire in 1511 after being defeated by the Portuguese led by Alfonso de Albuquerque.

Today, a growing number of Malays no longer feel obliged to portray themselves as being Hang Tuah’s heirs and the titled ones always call each other by their ‘Westernized’ nicknames.

Salmah becomes ‘Sally’ ; Mariam morphs into ‘Mary’, fancy sounding names are given to their offspring and the parents themselves are left clueless as to what they have named their children?

This is what the Datins, Datuks, Tan Sri’s and Puan Sri’s society practicing with a zeal that will scare the shit out of the ordinary kampong folks if they were ever to be caught in their midst! This tendency is portrayed very aptly in the ‘Datin Diaries’ tv series.

Malays are very inclined to imitate the latest fads and trends. Many of the Malay youth today go about in attires, attitudes and mindsets that are more akin to the hip hop culture of the Afro-American society of the USA.

Just take a look at the way, Malay television producers and their so called artistes try to out Western each other in their productions and try to sound like Westerners whereas their mugs betray who the hell they really are?

The irony is that, there are hundreds of thousands of foreigners who flock to our nation to try learn the rich traditional Malay culture but we have these hordes of delusional Malays who try to be more ‘barat‘ than the ‘orang barat‘!

They speak with a funny accent , thinking that they sound ‘cool’ and are ‘alright’. The reality is that their grammar is damn lousy and most can’t comprehend proper English!

Instead of living as Muslims, there are many amongst the latter day Malays who don’t know anything about their faith of Islam!

Only last Friday, I was shocked to meet three Malay teenagers who were loitering on our apartment’s stairways during the Friday prayers time who were reluctant to follow me to the masjid because according to them, they didn’t know how to pray?

I succeeded in getting two of them to follow me but the third chap, of Mamak descent managed to escape! Hehehehehe…signs of the times, signs of the times….

Just imagine the scenario 5 years from now or 10 years down the road?

Malays as a race will definitely disappear from the face of this Earth bit by bit and they will morph into something else..halfbreed’s? May Allah forbid!

That is if the present slide of the Malays into imitating others is not nipped in the bud by the relevant authorities?

Maafkan hamba Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah, ‘ Melayu memang semakin menghilang dari dunia yang Datuk pernah perjuangkan…anak cucu Datuk kini semakin menjadi bagaikan umang umang atau kacang yang melupakan kulit…

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