April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Monarchy starts to stir – Time for a Royal Comeback?

Lately, the way things are going on in this country, makes us think as to whether it is fair in letting a civil servant rule over us when in fact we have our Royal Malay Sultans present in the nation but reduced to being Constitutional Monarchs?

Haven’t we achieved Independence from the foreign powers who occupied this land with their might and spirited away much of this ‘Golden Chersonese’ riches since the 15th century?

Malaysians deserve to be ruled by our Kings and not left to the whims and fancies of our nation’s politicians and their never ending cases of corruption and abuses of power!

Our Majesties of today aren’t what the Malay Sultans were before!

Among our Royal Highnesses are learned judges and highly educated intellectuals who are both proactive and capable of coming up with rational, reasonable decrees and govern over their respective Sultanates in a manner we can all be proud of.

We must give credence where it is due and to me as a loyal subject of His Majesty, the Yang diPertuan Agong @ Supreme King of Malaysia, I say that it’s time we honor our Majesties by returning to Their Royal Highnesses, the right to rule over this land proper and not be ruled by a subject as in the person of Civil Servant # 1!

Malaysians ought to realize that in this nation, it is His Royal Highness, the Yang diPertuan Agong who is the highest authority over us all and not the Prime Minister!

Check out the Powers and Authority of His Majesty here.

According to Article 32(1) Federal Constitution, there must be a Paramount Ruler of the Federation who is titled as The Yang diPertuan Agong @ Supreme King of Malaysia.

His Majesty prevails over everyone in the Federation and is immune to any legal action in any court of law save for the Special Court that has been formed under Section 15 (Article 182 and 183).

Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong

Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah

D.K.M., D.K.T., D.K.R., D.M.N., S.U.M.Z., S.S.M.T., S.P.M.T., D.K. (Perlis), D.K. (Johor), D.K.M.B. (Brunei), D.K. (Perak), D.K. (Negeri Sembilan), D.K. (Kedah), D.K. (Kelantan), D.K. (Selangor), S.P.M.J., Commandeur de la Legion d’Honneur (France)
(13 Disember 2006 – )


Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong

Tuanku Nur Zahirah

D.M.N., D.K. (Terengganu), S.S.M.Z., S.S.M.T. (Terengganu)


After His Majesty, the Constitution provides that Her Majesty the Raja Permaisuri Agong @ Her Majesty the Supreme Queen of Malaysia is the second highest authority of the nation.

It is her Royal Majesty the Raja Permaisuri Agong who is this nation’s First Lady and not the wife of the Prime Minister who is mistaken to be so.

I for one have always respected our current Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah for the manner by which Her Royal Highness has covered up Her Majesty’s aurat just as our Tuanku Siti Aisyah did when Her Majesty was our Queen.

Long live our Royal Majesties! Ameen.

It is not fitting for our Royal Majesties to be robbed of Their Majesties rights to rule over this nation proper for the way the politicians running the government of this land have abused and screwed up the administration of this country is all so clear and on record for all to see.

It’s high time that Malaysians see things as to what they really are and not be hoodwinked into thinking that everything is hunky dory and be fooled with the rhetorical ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang’ hollow promises!

We are no longer in the 1950’s where our nation’s founding fathers were sincere in wanting to establish a just nation for all.

Today, we the citizens are being insulted by Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Zainuddin Maidin and other culprits in the ruling citizen political party of UMNO and their stooges and they expect us to be as the deaf, dumb and mute simians they accuse us to be!

Are we to just let this be and not call upon our Royal Majesties to deliver us from the insulter’s? Our Royal Majesties have never called their subjects degrading names as these buffoons in power have!

I for one no longer have it in me to stand idly by and watch this tyranny continue!

I reserve my respect an honorifics only to my King and Royal Sultans! DAULAT TUANKU!

Duli Sultan Selangor and Raja Muda Perak have spoken out against corrupt officials being left to rule and ruin the good name of this nation. Take heed from Their Majesties call!

The General Election is soon coming to be. Exercise your precious vote and kick out the corrupt and foulmouthed ones from their positions.

Those who so love to think that they are the masters of this land can just go fly kite as far as I am concerned.

Malaysia! Its high time to do some spring cleaning! Elect only the rightful candidates this time around!

Time to have our Royal Majesties, the Malay Sultans help put this nation back on track!

Their Royal Majesties need to do their bit too for the good of all the people of Malaysia.

We don’t need to see more extravagant palaces. No need to see more sport cars being driven out of the ports without paying their dues! No more beating up of hockey coaches or golf caddies!

We don’t need our Majesties to be just made as sovereign symbols or decorations at functions.

We need to see more proactive governance from Their Majesties. No more unnecessary Datukships!

This nation deserves better. There are still citizens of this nation going without food and sleeping in shacks and shanties.

Their Majesties need to see to it that their appointed civil servants toe the line and do their jobs and not come up with more ‘cock and bull stories’ or excuses!

Heads must roll if the tail needs to be whipped into shape!

That illegally built palace in Klang must either be turned into a home for the poor and elderly or be bulldozed into oblivion failing which the status of justice in this land is truly a farce!

There has been too much abuse of power and innovations in the Islamic faith being propagated to the ignorant ummah to distract them from focusing on all the abuses of power going on!

We want to see justice prevail! Both for us the people of Malaysia and also our Royal Highnesses!

We, the people of Malaysia will rally behind Tuanku anytime! The nation awaits your decree.

Just read what the many online websites have to say. You’ll understand. Insya Allah.

May Almighty Allah guide our Royal Highnesses and us all. Ameen.

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