April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Facebook users risk leaking too much personal data online

I would like to caution all Facebook users about the immediate danger of disclosing too much of their personal info online.

We all know about how data stored online can be hacked into and retrieved by the expert cyber criminals of the world.

When they can hack even into the American Department of Defense websites such as the ones in Pentagon and NASA, hacking into our Facebook accounts will be nothing to them!

I understand the euphoria of Facebook users to utilize all the latest gadgets and widgets being added to the Facebook system where even I succumbed to just adding this and that application to my Facebook account until I heard of how Datuk Rejal Arbee, a veteran writer of Malaysia, had his email hacked in and emails sent out in his account without his knowledge!

That scared the hell out of me and I promptly removed and reduced access to my Facebook account as fast as I could.

Same goes for all our other online websites and accounts. We never know who’s monitoring and retrieving our personal data such as our birthday’s, parent’s details, etc which is normally used as answers to security questions required in sensitive online systems such as online banking, etc.

Can we afford to reveal too much sensitive data of ourselves for the sake of being popular online?

No thank you!

Wise up and clam up to remain safe rather than disclose too much and risk getting victimised by invinsible forces out there who are just so pleased to see all the data being posted publicly online by so many clueless folks like those in Facebook!

I hope that you will update your friends and loved ones to stop posting too much sensitive info online and immediately remove and delete all such data from your Facebook and other similar systems online.

Do not be victims of fraudsters. Act now before its too late and save yourselves from danger!

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