September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Tun Dr.Mahathir – Come join us Bloggers!

If it is true that Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad supports Bloggers to be the last bastion of hope for a free platform to voice out and speak for the nation as written here and here, then I call upon our former Prime Minister of Malaysia, to not waste a second in starting his own blog!

Not that Tun Dr.Mahathir is incapable of using a personal computer or is clueless about how to go about becoming a blogger ; he is the very person instrumental in establishing the Multimedia Super Corridor here in this country, isn’t he?

Well, mere talk is useless dear Tun if you do not practice what you preach!

Come join the likes of us listed here or here.

It doesn’t reduce your status as our former Premier if you are to be a blogger. A Blogger is just a person who writes his or her thoughts and publishes it to the worldwide web.

Whatever any idiot calls us or terms as to be goes back to him or her when we are not as they say or state us to be as.

You must back up your support to us Bloggers by joining the Blogosphere.

I want to then see whether any of the idiots badmouthing Bloggers will dare to categorize you as what they have been doing to the general blogging population?

Those who kissed your hands ..I wanted to use a choicer part of the human anatomy..but since I am here addressing you, my former Premier, I shall stop at that, and used to grovel at your ‘feet’ -‘metaphorically speaking’, are now amongst those who lambaste and ridicule even you.

So, it is high time dear Tun, for you to be a blogger. Marina should be able to help you out. She’s in the ‘monkey list’ too. 😛

You can see for yourself who then will have the gonads to categorize you in whatever term they dare to brush us Bloggers with?

Not that we give a hoot to their opinions. Its all hot air to me because when someone says something without due cause or a viable history of achievements to back oneself with, it goes flat and fizzles out in the long run.

You, on the other hand, dear Tun have an impressive track record of leading Malaysia to be where it was before 2003.

Hence, I feel it is imperative that you start blogging yourself and have open access to all of us here in Malaysia and the rest of the world, without having to depend on the mainstream media for an avenue for you to speak to us.

With your finances, you can make your blog to be the most up to date, complete with audiovisual gadgets and widgets to blow their minds!

So, what say you Tun? Ready to be a Blogger?

You might even give Raja Petra of Malaysia-Today a run for his current position as the nation’s top independent web portal!

I am sure that the entire nation will love to visit your blog and give you their opinions as to all that is causing them to lose sleep and are worried about the way things are taking place here in this land?

Be prepared to invest in the biggest web servers on Earth for yours will surely be the all time most visited blog here in Bolehland ….IF you are up to it?

I hope that Marina sees this and lets you know of my wish! Be a Blogger Tun! You can do it!

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