May 6, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

‘Anonymous Socio-Political Bloggers are cowards’ says UMNO!

Well, what more do anonymous socio-political bloggers need to be insulted with?

UMNO’s Head of Information in seeking publicity and media mileage has thrown a vicious insult to all those who are anonymous bloggers yet do not have the gonads to identify themselves to the whole wide world whilst being a royal pain in the neck for the current Malaysian government!

It is natural for UMNO’s Information Head and the Youth Wing to want to be seen as the champions of the ruling political party for the General Elections is around the corner and they need to go strut their stuff and bristle their feathers to draw attention to them as possible candidates to be selected for the coming GE!

We all know that such chest thumping and cockerel like crowing is vital for their individual survival in the political jungle of Malaysia’s ruling coalition government.

Now, seems to be the best time to impress the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Incapacitated with inflated imaginary shows of libido and puffed up displays of machoism.

So, what say you socio-political bloggers who have been anonymous all these while?

The big boys want you to come out and fight them man to man and no longer hide behind a cloak of anonymity!

The thing is whether these chest thumpers are willing to really have a gentlemen’s dialogue with all those whom they have categorized as monkeys, trash talkers, unemployed ‘housewives’, cybersnipers, troublemakers, antagonists anonymous, etcetera ..on a level playing field?

The way things are at the moment in this country, makes those who are working in the civil service, shy away from disclosing their true identities when passing comments for repercussions affecting their jobs and careers will naturally be a consequence if they express any form of contra mindsets or criticism of the powers that be.

Hence, their being afraid to take off their masks.

Khairy Jamaludin’s offer to have a dialogue or forum with just anyone is a great opportunity for the bloggers of Malaysia to clear the air about all the people’s grievances once and for all…provided that KJ is gentleman enough to stick to his words and allow unbridled but relevant opinions be posed to him, face to face in a proper forum or seminar.

What say you UMNO Youth? Able to practice what you preach or is all this mere gobbledygook?

Let’s have a forum between Bloggers and UMNO Youth. You guys up to it?

We can have it at the PWTC. That ought to give you the media highlight and attention of the Most Respected One you crave for and Bloggers to share with you exactly what they feel or are not happy about?

Win-win situation. It’s high time UMNO has a one to one with the people about this!