April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Mahathir’s Legacy to us – Malaysia Incapacitated

I refer to the continuing complaints by this nation’s former Premier , the record holder for the longest premiership in the history of this coming to be 50 year old nation, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad regarding the inefficiency shown by his successor, Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi in running the nation since 2003.

Instead of leaving us a nation that he had built up to be known as Malaysia Incorporated, his decision to appoint the current successor leaves us with something many identify to be Malaysia Incapacitated.

Sure, there are glaring allowances in terms of the people now being a bit more free to insult each other and other’s faiths as they please and to go about castigating the country by utilizing excerpts from the national anthem, curse and badmouth this and that as they wish and later, pretend to apologize, etc.

The reality is that under his successor, we the people aren’t exactly very happy with the way things are taking place or allowed to take place for the usual , run of the mill excuse we hear is ‘What can I do?’.

This leaves us worried for the future of this country having the CEO of Malaysia Incapacitated tell us that, he’s clueless as to how to run the nation?

Who can we depend on to take us out of this rut? Is there even anyone capable of steering the country out of the reefs and into open ocean?

The way, people get threatened, get intimidated and allowed to be scot free is a bit of concern to us, the citizens of this multi faithed, multi-ethnic country.

Mahathir had to strip the Malay Sultans of their legal immunity because a certain Royal took the law into his own hands literally and whacked the living daylights out of a common subject!

Thus, the doctor had to prescribe the appropriate treatment at that time, extricate the legal molars with which the certain royals had chewed up the rights of the people!

Today, the Malay Royalty are like toothless grandpas chewing on their gums as a result of the actions that took place such as the Gomez incident on November the 30th, 1992 in one of the royal palaces down south of the peninsular.

Apostasy cases are popping up here and there as a result of the Syariah Courts not being allowed to practice Islamic Law over the Muslims in the real sense.

Instead, we have watered down versions of judgments and decisions which make a mockery of the Supreme Constitution of Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala!

Does Mahathir even wonder why all this is taking place? He screwed up big time in choosing his replacement.

There’s nothing he can do to reverse the process for the damage is already done and we are suffering today as the consequences.

All his lambasting the present leader he left us with comes to no avail. Reality check. There’s nothing no one here can do except maybe if fate decides that its time to meet the Maker.

Then, and only then, will we see a jostling extraordinary take place here in Bolehland for another aspirant to cram his big butt into the coveted seat of being the Pee Emm of this Lalaland.

As for now, suffer in silence. Any attempts to sing a song and think you can get away with it, will see you muted into nothingness.

So, Mahathir bin Mohamad. Your time would be better utilized by keeping contact with Ar Rahman.

The ultimate appointment with Azza Wa Jalla is something better to be looked forward to than waste it castigating the ones who are clueless in Muddy Bay.

Remember the old adage about pouring water onto the keladi leaves? My points exactly!

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