April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Accountability- A thing forgotten so conveniently!

Well, the insulter has apologized. So, that’s it, eh? Forgive and forget.

I guess that’s how bloody irresponsible cowards do it nowadays. Go around insulting people, insulting a faith’s adherents, insulting time honored common decencies by lambasting this and that as one pleases, then cause a stir worldwide through the internet, get bloody infamous, get people so riled up and start tongues and minds wagging, emotions fired up, cabinet ministers take it up, bloggers engage in blog wars, and nationalists ready to start another May 13th 1969 tragedy!

As usual, Islamophobes are so bloody happy when any idiot starts something like that and rally behind the culprit.

There are other ‘choice words’ that I would prefer but being a Muslim Malaysian blogger who still cherishes the ‘old school’ of dialogue and traditions, I am being civil here.

Back then, people were more accountable and they had a sense of honor. There were certain traditions that people held firmly to and were civilized to a stage that there was an unwritten code of conduct when addressing sensitive subjects and issues.

Looks like all that is history now.

Were Muslims to strike back and do a tit for tat, then we will be just the same as the swine who so love to mire themselves in the swill.

Then again, are we to just let things be and look the other way and allow the enemies of Islam do as they please?

I call upon the Malaysian authorities to check this slide and enforce the laws of this nation and stop being so bloody apologetic.

The dignity and honor of the nation is at stake and culprits who hurl blasphemous insults against Islam or any other faiths and their adherents.

Return some sense of accountability to this government and punish the perpetrators for their crimes no matter that after getting toasted for their crimes, they turn around cowardly and say they are sorry!

Lucky thing for these scum, that they are Malaysians, in a land that gives ‘face’. If they were in Singapore, then they would know the real justice that is swiftly and strictly meted out to the likes of them.

J.B.Jeyaretnam is a clear proof of how the Republic of Singapore deals with such instigators.

I do wish that our beloved Kingdom of Malaysia would be broadminded enough to take Singapore’s example of good governance to heart and make this nation a great place to live in and progress in all ways allowed by God Almighty and not forget our traditions of live and let live.

I call upon all Malaysians to be more accountable towards their actions and if they so dare to make such vicious statements and spew insults against our faith and our persons, then do be ready to face up to your deeds or in this case, misdeeds!

Failure to do so, will just see, a build up of seething passions and emotions that in time will do explode and destroy all that this nation stands for.

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