April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Dato’ Zainuddin Maidin may have a point here!

I think that Dato Zainuddin Maidin may have a point when he says that the Centre for Public Policy Studies can’t claim to be speaking for the entire nation as it only based it’s ‘New Malaysian Agenda‘ from just 42 NGO’s pretending to speak for the entire Malaysians!

To me, this seems like another IFC wannabe because of the way that they word their statement here :

(i) The current National Unity Board (Jabatan Perpaduan Negara & Integrasi Nasional) should be expanded to include an independent National Unity Commission, which will be empowered to review legislations, policies and practices both in the Public and Private Sectors that impede on National Unity.
The proposed Commission should also be empowered to investigate complaints against racial and religious discriminations both in Government and the Private Sector.
The National Unity Commission should be answerable to Parliament.

Excerpt from the Sun2Surf online newspaper.

Dato’ Zainuddin said although some of the eight agendas could be accepted, the first one pertaining to efforts to strengthen national unity was unacceptable because it was not based on the reality and the unity achieved since independence.’

From what I and many of my friends in the Muslim community see it , there seems to be a hidden agenda of the Centre of Public Policy Studies and its 42 allies wanting to set up a little invincible government within the Malaysian Government in wanting to be EMPOWERED to rule as they please especially where it concerns racial and religious ‘discriminations‘!

No prizes for guessing which particular ‘racial and religious discrimination’ these so called ‘think tanks’ are referring to ?

In this case, I support Dato’ Zainuddin’s view that the particular clause in their ‘New Malaysian Agenda’ stinks to high heaven and ought to be deleted from an otherwise reasonable idea and agenda.

The only way that any particular party or organization, call it what you may can claim to represent the entire Malaysian population is if they get to hold a referendum from the entire populace of Malaysia and get an outstanding majority support for whatever ‘Agenda’ they want to ‘propose’ to the ruling government.

As long as they do not have the vote and approval from the 25 million over Malaysians for any of such foundation changing proposals in this agenda with that particular hidden implications for the Malaysian Muslims by way of intended interference in matters concerning the Faith of Islam and the Rights of the Malays are concerned, the CPPS can continue to ‘dream on‘ of being able to get their ‘IFC’ in New Malaysian Agendadumplings‘ be sniffed out for what they truly seem to be steaming up?

In this instance, Dato’ Zainuddin gets my support for his stand against the ‘thinkers’ wanting to play ‘Sheriff’s in the world of the ‘Cowboys and Red Indians’ of the Malaysian political high noon .

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