September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Freedom of Expression – Bloggers just exercising that right!

Lately, the nation has witnessed the authorities in the Malaysian Government engage in a witch hunt of Bloggers, said to be the cause of instigative articles and malicious intent to create disunity and unrest amongst the citizens of this country!

In this age of science and technology, where Blogging is just another platform for interactive communication between internet users, the Malaysian government ought to realize that they are entrusted by the citizens of this nation to protect them and accord to them the rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution of this country to be allowed to speak freely yet responsibly.

This is what most of us bonafide Bloggers do. Yes, there are those who choose to be anonymous whilst sharing aloud their dissatisfactions about matters and issues that they feel strongly about but they do so out of fear of being hounded by the Intelligence agencies of this government and arrested, thrown into jail for exercising the right of fair comment that they are entitled to according to the Constitution.

Why do we have to be so confrontational? Why can’t we the citizens be allowed room to share our views in a democratic manner and engage in a win win dialogue or forum with the government?

Aren’t the government beholden to us the citizens who voted the present authorities into power?

I am all for responsible interactions between the government and us the blogging citizens of Malaysia.

Naturally, there’s bound to be disagreements between us and the authorities in whatever it is that the average citizen feels strongly about regarding government decisions that have an implication on his or her life.

Surely, we can’t expect each and everyone to agree with us 24/7 ? Its preposterous!

This is just part and parcel of life. As decent fellow beings, the right thing to do would be to engage in a discussion or debate and come to a conclusion.

There is no reason to think that just because the people now have access to the internet and being able to blog about anything that is important to them, all Bloggers are going to be anti-government and pose a threat to society.

Being paranoid about opposition is just natural if the powers that be have anything to worry about as a result of any wrongdoing.

If anyone in power has not committed any crime or breach of trust, I don’t see why anyone has to fear being criticized or commented upon?

Berani kerana benar ; takut jika bersalah!’ is a Malay saying that is so frank and clear as to its meaning.

Brave if righteous ; fearful if guilty’ is the meaning of this legendary expression which is so true that none can deny it.

I call upon the Malaysian authorities to engage in dialogue with us who are Bloggers instead of unnecessary confrontation and bad blood between us.

We too love this country and will protect it with our life’s if we must! Do not throw accusations against us without due cause for such a thing is just a grievous crime and major sin.

We just want an accountable government that takes steps to protect all Malaysians irrespective of creed or color.

That’s all. We aren’t this nation’s enemies. We are just part of this nation’s conscience.

I am all for a better relationship between the Malaysian Government and us Bloggers.

If this government is sincere in working together towards a better future for all, then come let’s work together in making this nation be our paradise on Earth and co-operate well as one people!

It can be done. Believe me. All it takes is a bit of heart ; and sheer willpower!

Through teamwork we shall strive ;
Higher productivity we shall all thrive!”

by Zainol Abideen a.k.a. MAHAGURU58

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