May 10, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Slight mishap yesterday cancelling my trip to see Nat’s Release!

The Proton Iswara that crashed into our Wira. His car didn’t suffer that much except for the bruised bumper which had crashed into our Wira’s front right hand side panel at an angle thereby causing us damage whilst his Iswara’s bumper remained unbroken!

Our Wira crashed into and damaged as shown above.

Restored to its former condition. Alhamdulillah!


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta’ala Wabarakatuh.

Sometimes, when we least expect it, things will just happen and change whatever plans we had in mind and alter the way we had wanted to go here and there and do what we had in mind.

Yesterday, I suffered a slight change of plans when our car was crashed into by a Proton Iswara whose driver just drove fast out of a crowded junction in Cheras and failed to brake in time, crashing into our Wira!

Our car was crashed in at the right hand side of the front panel and our signal light, spotlight and front side panel caved in and the lights cracked and the spotlight left hanging like a protruding eyeball whacked out of its socket!

Luckily, I didn’t suffer any whiplash to my neck and no damages to my self except that naturally I blew a fuse and was a bit pissed off at the young Chinese guy who didn’t exercise safe driving!

I pulled up my handbrake and got out to inspect the damage. Damn..I was just angry to see what he had done.

Yet, Alhamdulillah, I managed to retain my composure and asked the fella how is he going to settle?

Luckily for me, the guy was a gentleman and he asked that we settle it at a safer area and clear the road.

I was a tad skeptical for I have had our right side mirror crashed into before several years ago when I was driving at Salak Selatan and the culprit had just brazenly driven off without compensating me , so this time around, I knew better.

I drove ahead slowly and made sure that he followed in his car to a parking lot nearby.

I had my digital camera at my waist belt and promptly snapped up his car’s registration number plate and also the damages our Wira had suffered.

I also asked for his MyKad and snapped a macro shot of it with the intention of furnishing the police of the visual proofs if the fella absconded! 😛

I then asked him to settle and he agreed. We first agreed that he get his foreman to repair the damage but when I saw the look of the workshop and the foreman’s face, I somehow didn’t feel sure about letting the guy handle the repairs and I proposed that ‘Ah Yew’ the guilty party follow me to my regular Proton Edar Service Centre in Pandan Indah.

Jacky, the Service Center’s supervisor assessed the damage and replacement costs to come up to RM470.00.

The chap ‘Ah Yew’ didn’t have that much on him and asked for a compromise on the parts especially opting for a ‘local’ signal light, which would cost a bit less and ease his suffering.

I could be adamant and drag the thing further but what the heck, I just asked Jacky to do just that and the repairs came to RM385.00.

He called up his friend who owes him money and asked that the fella come pay him some cash for him to pay to the workshop.

After a while, his friend arrived and he settled with the service centre. Alhamdulillah.

I took my ‘Touch n Go’ card from our car which was immediately driven off to the Proton Service panel replacement centre elsewhere and was told that its gonna take a whole day to do the repairs satisfactorily.

What choice did I have except to just go with the flow?

I got Ah Yew to drop me off at the Pandan Jaya LRT station and we parted our ways.

I returned home and reflected on how our plans can go just haywire at the slightest turn of events as related by what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala tells us in the Qur’an of ‘man planning things and Allah’s plans on us where eventually it will be Allah’s plans that will prevail!’.

Subhanallah. How so very true. Anyway, to cut things short, the car got repaired and brought back to its original condition.

The workshop sent one of their workers to fetch me at my place around 5.00pm and I was relieved to see our Wira back to it’s fine condition.

I missed getting the chance to be at Nat’s release but was relieved somewhat when MENJ called me up and said that he had gone on our behalf at the last minute. Alhamdulillah.

So, if anyone was wondering where the heck was Mahaguru58 at such an important occasion such as Nat’s release, please know that I was caught in a situation where I had just no control over it.

Anyway, our car’s back to being up and running. Nat’s out. I am alright. That’s all that matters!