April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Nathaniel’s Release Pending Today! Insya Allah!

All praises be to Almighty Allah for answering our prayers.

Heard from Politikus that Nat’s getting free today. This is an immense relief for me as well as millions of others all over Malaysia and I gather throughout Blogosphere too.

I wish him well and hope that he gets free by today. This has been a worry for me since he got arrested and bundled off like that. This uncalled for action by the powers that be is regretted.

It reminds me of how Anwar Ibrahim was taken away by force by the UTK chaps way back in 1998.

Only thing to be glad about is that Nat hasn’t been physically hurt by the Special Branch so far and they have treated him in a manner that isn’t altogether harsh as we all had earlier feared. Alhamdulillah for that!

Let this be an eye opener for all bloggers to unite as one and exercise control over their blogs and not to link to any websites that aren’t relevant to their cause and train of thought.

Comment moderation might sound like being restrictive but with Nat’s experience here , every Blogger worth mentioning need to know that whatever goes in their personal realm has repercussions coming home to roost IF they don’t monitor what they post or allow to be in their sites.

May Nat recover from his ordeal and now enjoy his unexpected stardom as he will forever be on record as the ‘First Malaysian Blogger to be locked up on charges of breaching the ‘OSA‘.

Not that I like to see him being arrested and locked up like that but its all part of history now.

Welcome home Nathaniel! You are now officially the icon for Malaysian Bloggers to realize that we need to unite as one in our cause to defend the freedom of speech and blog responsibly.

May the Truth prevail! Ameen.

His younger sister Cheryl maintains a constant update as to his situation here.

I pray that the family will recover from their moments of trauma and ordeal that Nat has been put through as they themselves have suffered sleepless nights and worrisome days due to this tragedy.

May the Bloggers of Malaysia learn from this sad turn of events and realize the need to be united in their stand against tyranny and abuse of the freedom to speak and disseminate info.

Blog responsibly and do not allow anything not relevant to remain in your sites or allow any idiot out there to link you into unnecessary and unsolicited trouble.

The Malay saying ‘Berani kerana benar! Takut jika salah!’ comes to mind. If you write the truth and nothing but the truth, then you have no reasons to fear any being!

Fear Almighty Allah only for it is He whom we all have to face when we shall no longer exist here in this Earthly Life and it is only to Him that we shall all return.

No matter whether one is a King, Sultan, Raja, Prime Minister, Director General, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Manager, whatsoever!

May Almighty Allah bless us all with His Guidance and Wisdom to be responsible Bloggers of Malaysia.

On behalf of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance of Malaysia, I wish Nathaniel a speedy recovery from his emotional trauma and ‘Welcome Back to the Malaysian Blogosphere‘!

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