May 6, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Nathaniel’s Freed! Viva Bloggers! Syukur Alhamdulillah!

Picture from Nat’s blog.

Today, marks a historic and triumphant day for us Malaysian Bloggers to hear that Nathaniel Tan, a fellow Malaysian Blogger who was arrested and locked up since Friday the 13th of July, 2007 on vague charges of having committed a crime in breaching the Official Secrets Act of Malaysia by having documents or data relating to the corruption accusations against the Malaysian Home Affairs and Internal Security Deputy Minister, Dato’ Johari bin Baharom, has finally been released this afternoon! Syukur Alhamdulillah!

The irony is that this arrest came about due to a reported website accusing Dato’ Johari of something that is already ‘old news’ as the nation’s top alternative news portal Malaysia Today had long posted much more ‘hotter’ news about the case.

Nathaniel Tan is a symbol of how the ‘system’ can sometimes miss the forest for the trees!

What do the powers that be expect Malaysian bloggers and internet users to do? Write personal diaries only or share recipes? Chit chat about the hedonistic world here in Bolehland?

Politics and socio-religious issues are part and parcel of each and every Malaysian’s life!

Surely, they don’t expect people to just purely mind their own business and look the other way when anything involving the government and the way it’s elected ministers and officials have behaved or misbehaved come into public scrutiny?

I am not saying that bloggers and anyone who posts anything not right and unsubstantiated news or reports without concrete proofs and evidence must be left to do as they please.

With the existence of the Cyber Crimes Division of the Malaysian Government present , surely the experts in the division can trace and pinpoint exactly who are the offenders and culprits behind baseless websites and libelous website owners or bloggers?

Go after those who are really the culprits instead of just taking someone at random based on some idiot’s unwarranted comments or linking to any unsuspecting blog owner or webmaster.

Please do exercise restraint before putting someone behind bars. It is not something pleasant or good for the image of this dynamic nation.

We are due to celebrate our 50th Merdeka Celebrations soon. Please ensure that we the citizens are given our rightful freedom of speech albeit those which are right and have merit.

A government that terrorizes its citizens into submission is not running a free nation. Period.

Give MERDEKA its real meanings by allowing us to share our views as we see it but by all means take corrective action against those who spew lies and untruths.

As Allah is my witness, I will do my part in blogging responsibly and speak with the intention to improve our situations and not to add unnecessary stress to the ‘Ulul Amri.

Seems like our rulers expect Malaysians to be deaf, dumb and blind to the predicament they put our fellow Malaysian citizen and blogger in when they arrest and imprison people as they please!

Well, sorry to have to disappoint our ‘masters’ that the year is 2007. Not easy anymore to go against the grain as portrayed here in Blogosphere. We can’t be divided and ruled anymore!

Read here , here, here, and here as well as here to see the wrath of the fellow Malaysians from all creed and color.

Even Harakahdaily.Net, a PAS Online News Portal featured Nathaniel’s release and have been reporting on his arrest all these while!

Truly this goes to show that we the Malaysian Bloggers and those of us who are true Muslim activists aren’t racist or extremist in our ideals or principles.

We are a living proof that through responsible blogging, we Malaysians have established a network of goodwill and harmony amongst those of us who value all good things in life and not mere trash talkers or bloody liars as spewed by a misconstrued chap in the cabinet before?

Each and every responsible Malaysian Blogger will raise the issue and keep on writing to express our dissatisfactions as long as the authorities fail to accord due respect to the ones who voted them in in the first place, every 5 years, come the General Elections.

Keep doing like these and suffer the consequences both here on Earth and in the Akhirat!

We do have a choice, don’t we? Or is our votes gonna end up missing in action? Hope not!

Do not abuse the trust that we the citizens have placed in the democratic process or that which you the government swore to protect and profess!

Remember your slogan, ‘ Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang!?’

Prove it as you say or we, the citizens of Malaysia will think its all pure bloody ‘Temberang!’.

Na’uzubillahiminzalik! May Allah Forbid!

As long as you take care of our basic rights and freedom to voice our feelings, rest assured that we Bloggers will stay true to our cause which is to see to it that the Truth gets told, without fear or favor.

You the government, can gain from all these valuable feedback and get to listen to the actual voice of the Malaysian people instead of the bullshit and misleading info that certain elements serve up to you regularly officially or clandestinely!

We, the Bloggers of Malaysia who reveal our identities upfront to the whole world are a clear proof and symbol of our being straightforward in our writings to preserve and protect our rights as free citizen voters of Malaysia.

We put up our true names and publish our faces upfront in our blogs! What does that tell you? If we are liars and libel spewers, would we do that? Hell No!

It takes balls and guts to do what we do, yet we get victimized by unscrupulous people hiding behind rank and power.

As long as you do your job right, we will be true to ourselves and take responsibility over our writings. Try doing the same in your governing us.

As long as we the citizens are taken care of and allowed to be as we deserve, I am sure that none would envy you guys for the perks you enjoy. To each, their own. That’s all.

May this nation’s bloggers be protected and be safe from unnecessary harm.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.