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Abdullah Badawi’s Reported Comment’s Response to Hypoglossal

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

I refer to a blog commentor’s questions as related to my recent post about Abdullah Badawi’s reported statements concerning his inabilities to stop anyone from apostasizing here in Malaysia.

Since, he asked his questions in a decent, admirable manner, I deem it fit to accord him the honor and respect by answering his questions in a befitting manner.

Hence, this special series of replies to his many questions.

Here goes:


Hypoglossal said…

Dear Mr. Mahaguru,

Great article, but there are some parts that I don’t get.

1.From a general perspective, what the PM said was, (albeit me paraphrasing), “I cannot force someone to continue having faith in something they no longer refuse to accept as true”. Basically he is no ventriloquist with supreme control over how his ‘Subjects’ think.

2.I know as Brothers and Sisters in Islam, one should do their best to keep their siblings with faith to Allah (2A.Is it wrong for a kaffir to write that name?), but, to the extent of attacking their free will and demolishing their rights, i feel it’s akin to (pardon my french) Mental Rape, don’t you agree?

I’ve read elsewhere people say the Qu’ran dictates one should use his reasoning and abillity to think blessed to him by Allah to make decisions. But I find some parts of the Sunnah or Hadith’s or Qu’ran that you quote seem to contradict said ideas.

3.For example, the part where a Muslim has to follow what their elected leader says, regardless?

4.I suppose if what the leader had to say was Good, that’s great, but does this not also explain cases of terrorism, where Martyrs with bombs strapped around their waist going around killing innocent people because their Imam (?4A is this term right), orders them to do so?

The part where you ask him to do what he was elected to do, I assume you meant for OIC?

5.But I feel that to say his job description is largely based on Apostasy, instead of the various other parts of Islam that needs development (Dakwah was it?) seems a bit watered down don’t you feel?

6.Islam growing as fast as it is, only shows many people are starting to believe in it. If something is right, regardless of apostates, it will reign supreme in the end, there is no need to force someone to abide it, right?

7.Curious, if you were in power, what would you do to tackle this problem?

8.Would you make it illegal to convert?

9.What do you think of the double standards happening around our nation? (It is welcomed to convert perhaps a Christian into Islam, but, illegal, and a punishable act to do vice versa)

10.Last but not least, I have a request. Recently my friends and I were talking about “Islamic Banking” and why it was good or why it was being advocated. Roughly they all said about all parties gaining a benefit.

Would you terribly mind running an article on what exactly Islamic Banking is, together with it’s Pro’s and Con’s?


This is my response and reply to ‘Blog Commentor’ Hypoglossal :

Dear Sir,
Response to question 1:

First and foremost, Abdullah Badawi is not just any ordinary person whose comments or opinions, one can just ignore or to disregard.

He is the current Malaysian Prime Minister of this Malay Muslim majority nation, thus this statement reportedly uttered by him with regard to something as serious and sensitive to us Malaysian Muslims can’t be allowed to slide without our apt response and reactions.

If he is a kampong ‘pakcik’ who doesn’t hold power and authority over us, none would bother paying any attention to him as we all know that there are already millions of ‘kopitiam YB’s’ who spew forth all kinds of drivel all over the nation, day in day out without a care or concern.

Abdullah Badawi is also the current elected Chairman of the OIC, although a ‘toothless’ grouping of ‘Muslim’ nations, still exists as an entity representing the world’s Muslims in the international arena. He therefore is held responsible over each and every comment that he makes on behalf of the world Muslim population in general and to us Malaysian Muslims in particular.

As the one who is holding authority over the affairs of the Muslims in actual practice and not the Yang di Pertuan Agong, Supreme Constitutional Monarch of the Kingdom of Malaysia, the PM is accountable for any decisions concerning the legal process and procedure which can be affected by anything he says or states.

I beg to differ when you say that he has no control over the Malaysian Muslims and powerless to ‘control’ how his subjects think?

Control‘ is not a suitable word to be used as regarding his position as the ‘Ulul Amri’ @ Leader of the Malaysian citizens, irrespective of creed or color.

I would rather favor the use of the term ‘guiding mentor‘ because that is exactly what a leader should and must be. As the Prime Minister and actual executive who rules over the whole nation, he is responsible to nurture the people to learn and practice the faith as Islamic Affairs fall under his jurisdiction.

All the Islamic authorities are under his Prime Minister’s Department’s rulings and guidelines.

The problem as I see it is the lack of Wisdom on the part of the Prime Minister and all his Islamic Affairs Departments staffs and officers in implementing the Dakwah al Islamiyah from the grassroot levels up to the highest officers in JAKIM and all the various ‘Jabatan Agama’ bigshots.

If the Islamic Development Department had been doing their jobs sincerely and honestly as they have all sworn to do since day one of the forming of such departments and authorities, this nation would not be seeing all the nonsense coming forth from those ‘apostates’ ignorance about their faith and creed as well as all the other deviants existing amongst the Muslims here in Bolehland.

As usual, these Islamic Affairs personnel always waste their times away in the comfort of their offices and departments, fail to go nip the problems in the bud amongst the Muslim population, fail to go teach and reach out to the masses as they should and are expected to do in the first place.

Unnecessary red tape and officialdom bullshit has infested the administration of even the surau’s and masjids of this nation, where the Imams run their own little kingdoms amongst the AJK Surau and Masjid’s, fail to connect and relate to the needs and wants of the grassroot jamaah @ congregation and operate in their own vested interests circle to which the ordinary public is kept out and shunned from.

The Imam’s fail to address the problems faced by the Muslims and thus each and every Malaysian Muslim today is left to fend for their own selfs, devoid of spiritual help, guidance and assistance from even the lowest levels of local authority ; what more to expect the high and mighty Government officers and officials to sully their precious foot from stepping onto the mud and soil of the local kampongs , rural or urban areas?

Most of the nation’s Imam’s come across as stern, haughty unfriendly characters that the youngsters and ignorants shy away from as the Imams in most cases would only be too ‘triggerhappy’ in accusing the poor ignorants amongst the Ummah with their ‘holier than thou’ bloody attitudes.

No smiles on their faces. Who would want to come even near to such types?

All the bloody religious bigshots and ‘titled’ scholars and ‘mufti’s act as if they are too holy and spotless to even extend their hands sincerely towards any ordinary citizen in a ‘salam’!

The usual trend amongst these ‘hypocrites’ is to sit smugly in all those pretentious ‘holier than thou’ Forum Perdana’s hosted by RTM and pretend to address and handle the day to day affairs of the going ignorant Muslim masses.

Their phony attitudes reek of ‘ Do as I say ; not do as I do’.

All these goes all the way back to the way the Prime Minister’s Department exercises control over each and every aspect of the religious network of departments, masjid and surau committees, which in turn, fail to carry out the necessary ‘Dakwah’ activities because from what I hear from almost each and every surau or masjid official is that the ‘Jabatan Agama’s did not give them the clearance to hold any such activities and anyone who intends to do so must first go and get the permit @ tauliah’ from them before moving a finger so to speak in tackling the mess that the Muslim society is drowning in.

Recently, the Islamic Religious Department officers raided and took into custody the reformer former rocker turned Ustaz Akil Hayy whom they accused of teaching Islam without their permission! What a bloody thing to do when the poor man was only inviting to the good?

Wonder now why the Muslims in Malaysia are left clueless as to what’s right and what’s wrong?

It is because the Prime Minister’s Department, which in turn controls all the State and District Islamic Affairs authority clampdown on those who want to do their part in corrective Dakwah and guidance to the ignorant masses instead of helping them to do their duties in the first place.

Now, do you see why I take offense at the reported statements of the PM asking what is there that he can do to stop apostasy?

The buck goes back all the way to his office! He can do what he is supposed to do that is to order his department to cut away and remove all the bullshit redtape that these religious department morons have bogged down the Islamic authorities of this nation with!

The PM must see to it that JAKIM gets to work in the real sense and the Mufti’s go down to the masses and help them to understand what Islam exactly is and not what they imagine it to be and to stop hassling those who want to do proper Dakwah al Islamiyah.

I am not saying that JAKIM and all the State Islamic authorities should just let any Ahmad, Bakar or Kassim go and preach as they please and deviate the masses into even more problems.

Monitor them and their manners of preaching. If they are right, support them. If they go off the track, advise and correct them. Where there’s a will, there will definitely be a way. Groom many more motivators and counsellors in the likes of Dato’ Fadzillah Hj. Kamsah and other great Muslim personalities.

Teach and remain humane and humble. Guide and nurture instead of just arresting ignorants and upon them inflicting torture.

There is just so many things that the clueless PM can do for the Muslims instead of giving a lame duck excuse like that.

End of answer no.1. To be continued.

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