April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Kayveas KO’s CTOS’s Black Listing ‘Bureau’

If there’s one thing I am sure many people here in Malaysia love to read right now is the CTOS Black Listing company getting slammed left right , black and blue today for using the word ‘bureau’ in its memorandum documents.

Man, I sure love to see such a turn of events where this one company that makes profits out of other people’s misery is finally getting to taste some rightful headaches of its own and in due time too.

What I admire about Deputy Minister Kayveas is his doggedness, persistency and courage in going after those who abuse their positions and power in the officialdom of this do as they please government and those linked to it!

I dare say that Kavyeas is one hell of a man and politician worth his name here in Malaysia who needs to be supported and respected by all Malaysians, irrespective of race or religion!

As the President of the PPP political party, Datuk M Kayveas should rightfully be made a full Minister and given a suitable portfolio.

Hell, he would make a better Minister of Works than the incumbent ‘Blame it all on God’ Samy Vellu!

Only thing is that our present Prime Minister isn’t one whom I see capable of seeing to it that the old dinosaur get’s retired permanently and from his track record so far, our newly wed PM does not have it in him to terminate anyone’s ministership even when so many wrongdoings perpetrated by them are surfaced and spread out right before him.

CTOS is arrogant and they do not show any semblance of being sorry about anything that they have done to the millions of Malaysians who are in dire straits and devastated as a result of being caught in a quagmire of debts and destruction of their very life’s and being blacklisted by this company that makes its millions from their personal tragedies.

I received so many calls when I advertised about the availability of a chance to apply for a bank loan from Bank Rakyat last couple of months from people who desperately needed financial help by way of loans from banks and financial institutions but they got stonewalled due to their being blacklisted by CTOS!

Not everyone wants to run away from paying their debts and dues. Many intend to apply for fresh loans to settle their current outstanding loans but they face zero chance of doing just that due to their being black listed by companies like CTOS and they end up with no other options except to go get into worse and more damaging situations when they are forced to go borrow from the loan sharks @ ‘Along’s’.

Who is responsible for this dilemma if not this cruel black listing company?

The situation is made worse by the lack of updating of the data and latest situations when those who got blacklisted had managed to settle their debts and obligations yet still can’t get their names off the blacklist and they can’t apply for anymore new loans for their personal or business needs!

So, what does the government do? Pass the buck and lay the blame on someone else and shrug their shoulders saying its not their business.

No wonder that millions of Malaysians suffer unnecessarily because of this made to order red tape and official bureaucracy that forces many debtors to drown in the oceans of misery and doom for the rest of their miserable life’s.

This country needs more and more people with the calibre of YB Datuk M.Kayveas and of another brilliant chap in the person of YB Datuk Ong Tee Kiat, from the MCA.

CTOS must be removed from choking the life out of the millions of suffering Malaysians who are dying literally due to their being forced to sink in the quicksands of Malaysian ‘tidak apathy’ that is widespread in every part of government bureaucracy!

All you Malaysian government policymakers must take into consideration the plight of millions of suffering Malaysian citizens who need a way out from forever being blacklisted and barred from getting financial help the legal way because of this CTOS’s cruel practice of blacklisting them and thus stop from freeing themselves from the clutches of debt!

Have some heart to help your fellow Mankind here on Earth ; Insya Allah the Almighty will free you from the Hellfire.

If you are haughty and cruel to your fellowmen, then brace yourself for Allah’s Punishment both here on Earth and in the Yaum Al Akhirat! You can rest assured on that!

If those of you who have the power and authority can come up with a viable way out to help the poor debtors with a reasonable plan or repaying their loans and obliagtions and clear their name when the loan or debt is finally settled, it will be much better for all concerned than to deny them access to future financial assistance just because they had difficulties in settling their loans earlier.

Wise up and get rid of this infamous CTOS! Kayveas! You have our support and vote!

Hidup Kayveas…as long as Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala permits you!

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