April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

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All Malaysians owe their life’s and liberty to live their life’s as they please today due to the fact that years before, many selfless men and women in Malaya itself and tens of thousands of armed forces from other nations such as England, Nepal, Fiji, Australia, etc. lay down their life’s fighting the Japanese Imperial Army and then the Malayan People Anti Japanese Army turned Communists who wreaked havoc and caused so much destruction to this fledgling nation back then from 1948 to 1960!

Many of these heroic souls remains lie buried in the soil of this nation today, practically forgotten by so many of this nation’s people save for the annual Merdeka Celebrations or Warriors Day remembrance ceremonies, by placing a wreath of flowers, blowing the bugle and observing a minute’s silence honoring them whereas here they are for eternity, resting in the bowels of this land, having died in battle defending and liberating it.

Yesterday, we bought a DVD Documentary produced by TV3 and Nickleodeon Books that chronicled exclusive and historical footage from the archives of the British Malaya Library in England and from our own Malayan Film Unit, now known as Filem Negara Malaysia.

There is just so much important history being showcased here in this DVD costing RM21.90 which we bought at MPH, Jusco Taman Maluri, Cheras, KL that I was so moved to see the terrible hardships and immense sacrifices made by our heroes and liberators back then.

Every Malaysian living today must see this historical documentation of the irreplaceable record of how we all owe our existence today to all those brave, selfless heroes, who died in the cause of fighting for this nation to achieve freedom and independence so that we might live!!!

When I reflect on how so many of us take for granted, the liberties we have and are enjoying today, compared to the stark, spartan life our forefathers had to suffer and go through, it brings tears to my eyes and I express my gratitude to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala that for all the hardships that I have gone through in my life, it still doesn’t amount to much compared to what our people back then endured and many of them perished at the hands of the bloody notorious Japanese Army and the scoundrels in the Communist Party of Malaya under Chin Peng!

Instead of our present day national TV stations competing with one another in broadcasting ungrateful idiots singing and dancing, wasting away the precious hours and minutes of the hedonistic masses that we have amongst us today, gawking at their television sets, I wish that the nation’s TV stations would screen this series of documentaries in prime time slots so that Malaysians from all walks of life will remember what took place back then, enabling them to live in so much better situations today!

We waste so much time and money before the tv sets and forget the history of this nation simply like that!

When I see today’s hedonistic culture permeating every bit of this nation’s everyday life, it pains me deeply in my heart knowing that the current Malaysian populace are not bothered anymore to mind the freedom that many have died before to give us our liberties today.

Most Malaysians are fixated on all things that divide us and stir up trouble at every given chance today especially by zooming in on sensitive issues like race and religion neglecting to focus on the very ties that bind us all – nation building.

If you can view this DVD, sit together with your families during prime time and watch how the heroes of yesteryears sacrificed so much back then, I am sure that your outlook on our life here today will change!

You will start appreciating what you have now with you and realize that this life that you are enjoying today, with all its modern trappings and extravaganzas would not be what it is today if not for the sacrifice of all those men and women who perished at the hands of our mutual enemies so that we may live as we are right this moment in our own individual ways.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think that if we do not lose what we love most in our life’s , we will fail to cherish all that is important to us unless and until it is taken away from us, either gradually or abruptly!

As human beings, we are so susceptible to our desires and we seldom reflect back to what we didn’t have back in our life’s and we just breeze through the minutes, hours, days and years of our being here on Earth without a care until we run right smack into the brickwall of our fate!

Youngsters today abuse themselves and fall prey to their lusts without a care or concern for their parents, forefathers or past leaders.

They lose all sense of accountability and responsibility to live this life with care and control. People no longer bother to help each other and the general population is slowly but steadily succumbing to gross apathy over the fate and destiny of this nation.

You can see this manifest itself in many examples of our daily life’s as we see more and more Malaysians turn ruthless and heartless when being in public or private.

We seldom see civil courtesy being extended to each other or exercised. Malaysians are so ruthless on the roads and we see many littering the roads and highways of this nation as they please.

There is a lack of compassion in many Malaysians hearts and those who do care and want to do what they should are considered as wimps, show off’s or have a hidden agenda!

The way things are taking place in this nation makes me wonder whether the sacrifices of all our heroes of yesteryears was worth it?

Would they have been willing to die for this country had they known that it will come to this sorry state of affairs plaguing this nation as we are about to reach a half century of Independence?

Go, buy yourself this DVD and see what it has to share with us. I for one am grateful to come to own this record of our nation’s most important period of going through hell and highwater just so that we can today live as free citizens of Malaysia but still owe all those good souls a duty to take care and watch out for the future of this blessed Malaysian paradise that many seem to take for granted and just don’t give a hoot about.

As I said earlier, sometimes, people need to go experience the hardships elsewhere before they come to their senses and learn to appreciate this land on which we were born and Insya Allah, will die one of these days.

To all the heroes of Malaya, I salute you and pray that Allah the Almighty will forgive you your sins and give you an eternal abode amongst those whom He favors! Ameen.

Malaysians, learn to look at the past and reflect upon all that this nation has achieved with the sacrifice by those who gave us their life’s, shed their blood, sweat and tears so that we might live!

May we all be blessed with the commonsense to learn to live in peace and harmony together!


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