April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Jesus Never said: ” I am God, Worship Me”

Watch how Syeikh Khalid Yassin explains so very clearly about the lies being attributed to one of Allah’s mighty Messengers, Hadhrat Eesa ibni Maryam Al Masih a.k.a. Jesus Christ, the Son of Mary the Virgin.

If the Christians are rational people, then I invite them to watch and ponder as to the truth being presented here in so clear a manner that only those who are recalcitrants will want to keep denying what is obviously the truth and nothing but the truth before Allah, Supreme God Almighty!

Blinkered views and hardened hearts and minds will remain blind to the truth of what even Eesa Alaihis Salam has said and even right there in the ‘Bible that the Christians swear by!
From the ‘Gospel According to Saint Matthew’ 15 :24

’21 And Jesus went from thence, and retired into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon.

22 And behold a woman of Canaan who came out of those coasts, crying out, said to him: Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David: my daughter is grieviously troubled by the devil.

23 Who answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying: Send her away, for she crieth after us:

24 And he answering, said: I was not sent but to the sheep that are lost of the house of Israel.

25 But she came and adored him, saying: Lord, help me.

26 Who answering, said: It is not good to take the bread of the children, and to cast it to the dogs. < Does a Prophet of Allah use such language to describe Non Jews?

27 But she said: Yea, Lord; for the whelps also eat of the crumbs that fall from the table of their masters.
As we all know, the ‘Bible’ is written ACCORDING TO those people who weren’t even present in Jesus’s times and that there are just so many different versions and alterations that those who aren’t from the LOST HOUSE OF ISRAEL so irresponsibly come to claim and uphold a noble Messenger of Allah to be their eternal scapegoat to be their absolver of their sins!!!

What kind of English do these people understand? Or even in any other language on Earth?

Which part of the ” I was not sent but to the sheep that are lost of the house of Israel” that they do not and will not want to understand?

It’s a pity that those who can comprehend so many other things here on Earth become deaf, dumb and blind to something so clear, so obvious, that it’s right there before them in plain English or any other language that their ‘Bible’s’ are translated into still can’t come to realize that:

‘hello!!! Jesus Christ himself is saying that he was sent only to the Jews of Israel but here we are 20 centuries after his ascension to Allah’s presence and all these folks who aren’t from the very tribe to which he was sent still stubbornly refuse to see their misguided ‘faith’ in worshiping the ‘creation’ instead of the Creator!

How do we try to make sense to those who refuse to see, hear and comprehend truth from error?

I try in my own way by sharing these information with you my reader in the hope that commonsense and rationale thought will take precedence over misguidance. Insya Allah.

Use your God given intelligence to figure out which is the truth and which are fabrications by those who attribute things to the noble Prophet Eesa Al Masih Alaihis Salam and blaspheme against Allah the Most Merciful by claiming that He has a ‘Son’ and a ‘begotten one at that’!

Na’uzubillahiminzalik! May Allah Forbid!

Use the wisdom and faculty of thought to wake up to the reality and not live in abject fantasy of having someone else bear the burden of one’s own sins! Be true to ourselves and wise up!

May the truth be with you! Ameen.

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