April 23, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Mosques, Churches, Temples Demolition Issue

When one looks at this Malaysiakini videoclip , naturally one would get affected by the emotions and passions it arouses within oneself, no matter what race or religion we are.

We should also not forget that even masjid’s constructed without clearance from the local authorities were also bulldozed to the ground. Just take a look at this clip below.

So were churches and temples, none were spared. Why? I can only say that the authorities acted so because legal ownership of the land and fulfillment of the proper procedures and regulations weren’t met by the religious establishment’s administrative committees.

Thus, those who erect all these places of worship must also ask themselves, if they are totally righteous, whether they too must take responsibility over the consequences of raising those buildings where the followers of the faiths congregate to worship not knowing much about the legitimacy of the establishments.

Religion is very important to most of us and no matter what faith we follow, we all will defend our places of worships with our life’s if we must and thus those who are the builders of the relevant places of worship must make sure that they have the permission from the authorities to do so and that they own the land on which they are building the establishments.

It’s sad to see people get bashed up and suffer so much just because they want to practice their faith but those who are responsible in setting up such places of worship owe it to their congregation to make it all legit.

That’s what I think. All Malaysians need to be realistic and get rational about the root causes of all this demolitions of religious places.

The founders of such places are equally guilty as the ones who order the bulldozers in to flatten the hopes and prayers of those affected. They all have blood on their hands.

Don’t fall prey to the instigations of those who’d just love to see us all smash each other bloody to bits as they would love nothing but to see this nation go havoc and we all tear this country apart!

Just stay cool people and make sure that before anyone builds any masjid, church or temple, they have all the necessary paperworks in order.

Saves everyone a lot of heartaches, don’t you all think so?

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