September 23, 2023


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Islam Today – Dealing with Kufur, Nifaq, Fasiq & Bida’ah Pt 2

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Ya Mukminina Wal Mukminat, Wal Muslimin na Wal Muslimat. Al Ahya iminhum wal ‘Amwat. May the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you. My sincere wishes that the Guidance and Mercy of Allah be upon the rest. Ameen.

I now move on to the subject of Nifaq.

Nifaq is the act of hypocrisy in one’s inner creed and concealing of the person’s dislike of submitting to Allah but because of wanting to present to the people that he or she is still a Muslim, the one who has nifaq in his or her heart puts on a show or pretext of being a Believer when in essence he or she is not.

There are two types of the condition of nifaq. First is nifaq nazhari which constitutes an inner belief or self deduced ideals that run contrary to what the Aqeedah of a Muslim entails.

The second is nifaq amali which is having the characteristics of a munafiq towards Allah and the Muslims by showing allegiance to the Kuffars, preferring their company, supporting their causes, breaking promises, constantly lying, being treacherous and committing breach of trust.

There are many amongst us whom we can figure out to be as those who have nifaq in their selfs and we can do so by assessing their actions, words and train of thoughts or expressions. I leave it to you to watch out for them and to know with whom you keep company or befriend.

The Holy Messenger of Allah advised us to choose our companions well for being with the wrong company will only lead us to harmful consequences.

The parable of befriending the perfume seller and avoiding the blacksmith comes to mind. Know the person or persons whom you take to be your friends or advisers. The wrong company will definitely lead you astray. Na’uzubillah! May Allah forbid.


Let us now move on to the matter of Fasiq.

A fasiq is someone who despite claiming to be a Muslim does not refrain from committing all kinds of sins and indulges in the acts which are more akin to that of a Kaffir.

Such persons commit all kinds of fahishah and mungkar like gambling, drinking alcohol, smoking or consuming harmful narcotic drugs.

A fasiq is also someone who doesn’t perform the five daily prayers and all other tenets of the faith of Islam.

Such a person claiming to be a Muslim but do none of what a Muslim true to his or her responsibilities and obligations towards Allah, the Prophet, his or her own self, family and ummah is clearly a fasiq and will be judged by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala as such.

The last subject that I will write about in this post is about the matter of Bida’ah.

Bida’ah is anything that is new or introduced after the completion of the revelations from Allah the Almighty through the Final Messenger in matters concerning the practice and tenets of Islam.

Bida’ah is divided into two aspects. Bida’ah in conviction and bida’ah in actions.

What do I mean by bida’ah in convictions?

Well, it is anything that is introduced into the faith of Islam that runs contrary or diverts from whatever that the Last Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has left us his Ummah as per his Sunnah and his Hadiths @ Sayings.

I have learned that certain acts that complement or promote the strengthening of faith in a Muslim is welcomed by the scholars of Islam and termed as ‘Bida’ah Hasanah‘ which means ‘good innovations or introductions’.

From my point of view, I see no harm in them. The only thing that one has to watch out for is the tendency to make such acts part and parcel of the faith and start making it as a fundamental part of Islam. Such adding ons will only add extra burden to the faith.

Islam is already perfectly and completely revealed by Allah, Almighty God and He has done so through His Final Messenger to us a thousand four hundred years ago.

The changing of times and situations would naturally see a change in people’s habits and lifestyles but that does not warrant any acts of introducing or adding on to what is already perfect and for all time as Islam is for all eternity. This is what I as a Muslim think.

Those who aren’t Muslims or amongst those who have the abovementioned traits in themselves don’t qualify to question why Islam forbids change and prohibits all forms of harmful bida’ah.

Harmful bida’ah is termed ‘Bida’ah Lawwamah‘. ‘Bida’ah Lawwamah’ is anything that goes against the basics of the principles and tenets of Islam and when practiced leads to shirk and khurafat which is haram @ forbidden.

I have this to say to the Muslims reading this. You who value your Aqeedah have to wake up to all the realities facing us today and why we need to speak up for our faith.

True Muslims have nothing to be ashamed about. We believe in Allah, Our Creator and Sustainer, Cherisher and Master of the entire universes.

Share with those who have the faculty of reason and rational thought about Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and our Deen.

Those who choose otherwise can just do as they please here on Earth and face the consequences of their actions both here in the land if the land is ruled according to Allah’s Supreme Constitution or be a Kaffir all they want for it is their own choice.

The same thing can’t be said for Muslims for we are bound to our covenant with Allah failing which we must face the laws that He has sent down to us through the Holy Messenger and His Final Testament to us all.

My advise to those who wish to become Muslims to take note of all the rewards and birthrights of being one who submits and surrenders to our Creator and also to realize the consequences of running afoul to what Allah the Almighty has decreed for us.

We aren’t created by Allah in vain. We have a role to play and are held responsible for our deeds. Those who do good will be rewarded as well both here on Earth and in the Hereafter.

Those who choose to be those who are described as having the traits as stated above will be held responsible for their actions both here and in the next life.

May Allah the Almighty guide us all. Ameen.

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