April 14, 2024


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Welcome Dzul Networks from Sabah to Team Zainking

Alhamdulillah! It gives me great pleasure to announce my latest Uptrend Networks Business Associate from the Land below the Wind, Sabah, DZUL NETWORKS who signed up with a Silver Global Business Entrepreneur package recently!

joined me after following my Uptrend Networks Team ZAINKING‘s business build up and Insya Allah, if he keeps up his part of doing the business building, will be able to reap great rewards from this hybrid business networking that is proven to be a 100% legitimate and halal according to Islam.

The amazing thing is that we established this business connection by using the internet and sms. I showed him how the business works using Yahoochat and explained it to him by utilizing the Photo Sharing system available in Yahoochat!

What does this prove? That Uptrend is in no way associated with all those Internet Get Rich Quick Investment Schemes!

This is a business that uses the internet as a communications tool. We network through the internet and we do carry out active sales of products through the business packages that take place with every new business registration.

The profits that come from the sales of those business packages are shared by Uptrend with us, its business builders in the form of bonuses.

No activity on your part will see not a sen go into your e-wallets. You need to do sales to get money return to you. No effort, no income. Simple as that.

This is what Dzul signed up for and now owns.

He is now a Global Business Entrepreneur with 1 GBE and 2 IBP’s.

This GBE business package comes with a Virtual Products Package that is actually a complete online business system which incorporates a dynamic Flash presentation that works for us 24 hours a day.

This presentation will show its viewers how by a step by step procedure, they will be shown how Uptrend can give them an opportunity to make income through business networking and the parallel sales of products that takes place with each new sign up.

The VPP package also provides every GBE member their own ui2u.com 5 page website, which they can edit and add the relevant contents to promote their business networks.

The Uptrender can also use the system to send emails which will allow the receiver to view the Lead Generating Presentation or LGP as it is called by us.

What is in store for Dzul when he signs up his future prospects?

Well, Uptrend is very straightforward in it’s remuneration package for it’s active members, who now number more than 160,000 members worldwide.

For every new GBE business that an Uptrender registers in his or her business, Uptrend pays RM38.00 into their e-wallet as an Introducer Bonus.

The Introducer bonus for every new IBP business which is limited to only Malaysians, the Introducer Bonus is only RM15.20. This is paid into the e-wallet of the Uptrender as soon as each business is properly registered into Uptrend’s business system.

So, if it is you being the Uptrender, would you prefer an Introducer Bonus of RM38.00 or just RM15.20?

Naturally, we can safely say that you will choose to get the RM38.00 bonus!

You choose otherwise, it’s your business. You decide whether you want to make the most out of your efforts or settle for just a fraction of what you can get by promoting just the IBP’s!

Now, for every pair of business under you, Uptrend pays you RM57.00!

This is the Business Pairing bonus.

The more business pairings you sign up under you, the more rewards you get.

There are many other rewards and bonuses paid to those who make more business products packages sales, and I will share it with those who are interested to join my team ZAINKING!

Contact me by visiting my Uptrend website. Leave me your details for me to follow up with you.
All the best to you. Peace.

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