May 20, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

British Oppression – Muslims Protest 15th June 2007

British Muslims have had enough of their government’s oppressive measures targeting and harassing their life’s without any valid reason except that the Christian warlords are just infected with a severe incurable disease called Islamophobia!

They did away with Princess Di for she was about to become a Muslim by getting engaged to the late Dodi Al Fayed, an Egyptian, son and heir to Harrod’s owner Al Fayed.

That would be a strict no no for it will spell absolute disaster to the future King of England and Head of the Church of England to have a Muslim mum. So, she had to be snuffed out and they did just that.

Muslims are becoming the target of a vicious hate campaign and England is doing all it can to propagate Islamophobia and sends out it’s goon squad to stalk, spy on and arrest any British Muslim who fit into their assessment of a potential terrorist.

It is as they say, that if you start imagining things, over and over again in your distorted mind, even a shadow will look like a spook to you. Looks like the Brits have a serious case of the jitters, sending shivers down their racist and discriminating spine!

Well, the outgoing British Prime Minister and warmonger based on the fictitious charges that Iraq’s now hanged to his death, President Saddam Hussein, had Weapons of Mass Destructions stored in his country –which have been proven to be false is guilty of mass deceptions and has blood on his hands.

Blood of hundreds of thousands of the innocent civilian populations of Iraq’s Muslims on his hand.

What difference is there between Tony Blair and his equally conniving ally in the current American President George Bush Jr from the all time infamous dictator and Nazi butcher, Adolf Hitler?

They are all killers and mass murderers. Only thing is that Hitler had the balls to do his killings of the Jews whom he publicly hated and disposed off without any lame excuses or deceptions.

These two born again Christian warlords do their killing under pretext of ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’ when their true intentions are nothing but to invade, occupy and siphon off the black gold in the form of crude petroleum oozing in the billions of gallons underneath the hot burning desert sands of the now devastated ancient nation of Iraq!

God will judge these criminals in the Last Day but 5 days from now, the spineless coward is going to get a rude awakening in front of his official hideout at No.10 Downing Street!

The poster and video speak for themselves. British Muslims aren’t happy and they are going to express their feelings as they know best! So much for freedom of speech and all the bullshit!

Those who are famous for keeping their stiff upper lips are gonna feel a stiff protest very soon!