April 13, 2024


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Daytrip to Bentong, Pahang – Simply refreshing!

Today, I and my missus went on a day trip exploring the town of Bentong, deep in the forests of the Pahang hinterland using the old trunk road from Gombak, Selangor.

Both of us had never set foot in Bentong, hence after having our lunch at the Sri Bundo Minang restaurant in Greenwood, Gombak, we drove through the kampongs and passed by Orang Asli settlements alongside flowing streams.

It was simply refreshing to get away from the city and both of us are nature lovers, hence we always go on these impromptu escapades whenever we can.

The green tropical forest reserves and the winding road was rejuvenating to both the soul and to the eyes to feast on the rich green all around us as the road snaked deeper and deeper into the Pahang heartland.

There were not many vehicles on the almost deserted road save for an occasional lorry or car passing us or those I allowed to pass us as I didn’t like to have any cars tailgating us in the trunk road.

I love a leisurely drive and not have to rush as we were there on a cruise and didn’t need to drive fast.

At a corner of the trunk road, we came across this beautiful falls and I stopped to take these photos. I just love waterfalls and this is a nice one to stop by.

I feel that the forestry department ought to have the areas cleaned up from the broken branches messing up the flow of the waters.

It is so good to be able to marvel at Allah’s creation and to see our tropical forests remain pristine as our forests are important water catchment areas that supply us our fresh water supplies.

When unscrupulous logging companies destroy the ecology by illegally felling timber, the river systems get destroyed and every living thing suffers.

Malaysia’s government must ensure that our forests remain undisturbed and whoever damages the fragile ecosystem there be severely fined and ordered to restore the forests back to being as they were. The Lojing Highlands in Kelantan which have been devastated must be replanted tree by tree by those culprits no matter who they are and connected.

Our forests are sources of our water supply and livelihood and each state authority must take preventive steps to guard our precious forests before they are destroyed and gone forever.

I have taken these snapshots of our national heritage and forests to share with you what wonderful natural treasures we have been blessed with by Almighty Allah and we need to preserve them for our future generations.

Eventually we reached Bentong around Asar time and I stopped at the Surau in Bentong to fulfill my obligations. The surau was a bit delapidated and the place looked like it needed better maintenance.

We were just in time to see a Lion Dance performance in front of the Bentong Chinese Town Hall. The ladies were dressed in Baju Kebaya’s and the men wore batik. Truly Malaysians!

There was this well kept old Chinese school with an impressive facade there in the Bentong town. The building dates back to 1938. I wonder if the Japanese Army had used the building to house their dreaded Kempetai there during World War 2?

There was this one of a kind tree with ferns growing all over it and I just had to take a snap of it.

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