April 12, 2024


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DAP Inter-Faith Dialogue on Lina Joy Update

Greetings fellow Malaysians.
There has been an update as to the speakers for the scheduled DAP organized Inter-Faith Dialogue titled ‘Malaysia after Lina Joy’ to be held today at the Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya starting at 7.30pm.

I am somewhat relieved to learn that Brother Yusri Muhammad, the President of the Malaysian Muslim Youth Brigade @ ABIM will be joined by two other Muslims and not be the sole Muslim as I had posted yesterday based on my sources then.

For an important interfaith dialogue such as this being organized by the DAP, they have to be fair in having a proportionate balance of Muslims and Non-Muslims otherwise it will be seen as not being fair to the sole participant from the Muslims side as of yesterday.


The panel of speakers now consist of the following personalities:

YB Lim Kit Siang – Parliamentary Opposition Leader and DAP Chairman
Sdr. Lim Guan Eng – DAP Secretary General
Ambiga Sreenevasan – Malaysian Bar Council President
Leonard Teoh– Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism Legal Adviser
Yusri Muhammad-President of the Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia @ ABIM
Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim -Parti Keadilan Rakyat Secretary General
Prof Madya Dr. Azmi Sharom – Professor in the Law Faculty of Universiti Malaya

Moderator of the dialogue is Tony Pua, Economic Adviser to the DAP Secretary General.

Could this turn of events and the additions of the two Muslim figures be a result of my stating yesterday that the proposed panel of speakers as at yesterday was unfair due to only Yusri Muhammad being the sole Muslim representative invited to the dialogue and being outnumbered by the Non-Muslims?

God knows. Anyway, this is a turn for the better and more to me and I am sure the rest of the Malaysian Muslims relief and to those of us who are interested to turn up or follow what’s going to transpire at the dialogue.

For a minute there, I thought the DAP was going to outdo the RTM Forum Perdana slaughter of the Opposition as they always did, only thing this time around it was the non-Muslims who were going to do a fast one on the ‘sole Muslim’ speaker as at yesterday.

Thank God, my worries are over. I applaud the DAP for taking steps to rectify the situation.

Well, let’s hope that this dialogue will be the start of a proper and fair sharing of views and feelings over the state of affairs between us, the citizens of Malaysia and be held in a just manner, giving each speaker the platform to voice out his or her own perceptions and thoughts.

The DAP organizing committee of this dialogue ought to give them room and time to speak about what Malaysians can do to dispel all the unnecessary rumors and underlying grievances in our hearts due to the way certain elements try to create a situation where religious strife and confrontation could break out amongst the multi faithed and multi ethnic population of this nation.

This interfaith dialogue can be the start of a more harmonious existence for all of us living here in Malaysia. The people will judge the DAP based on how they run this event and evaluate whether the party will be fair to all who have been invited to speak up for their respective faiths.

Let’s pray that the outcome will be one that we all can accept and appreciate. Insya Allah.

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