September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

PAS’s Dewan Ulama get a wake up call!

The Dewan Ulama of PAS @ Parti Islam seMalaysia got a wake up call from one of the delegates to the 53rd Muktamar @ Congress of the party at Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Misbahul Munir Masduki, the delegate from Perak lambasted the scholars for being ineffective all these while and just be alike empty tins wasting away their times at the surau’s and masjid’s of this nation and failed to go do their duty for society as they should!

I have long lamented the fact that all the scholars, all the ulamak’s of this nation including the mufti’s have long been deaf, dumb and blind if not paralyzed letting the nation go to waste and the Muslim’s rot in social and moral decay for far too long!

The Ulamak’s and Mufti’s have been getting fat sitting on their plush seats of power and position and failed to do their duty for the Ummah!

They are only interested to being reduced to be the prayer reciter’s at official functions of the powers that be and are at times totally ignored when it comes to matters concerning the affairs of the Muslims and society in general.

These are persons who claim to have a long list of ijazah’s and PhD’s, Masters of this and that and have all the worldly recognitions fill up their office walls and homes.

They are somewhat living in a world of their own, imagining themselves to have done their jobs by being appointed to their posts and that’s all there is to their achievements in their life’s.

Mere rhetoric is not going to save the Muslims from further deteriorating into worthless Muslims in Name Only as we have now amongst us here in ‘Islam Hadhari’ Malaysia.

Misbahul Munir has only sort of smacked the learned ones from their stupor but it takes the Ulamaks to own up to what they have not done for the Ummah as they should.

I mean no disrespect to the scholars but it is high time that our Ulamaks from both UMNO and PAS to return some sense of integrity to their positions.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala will judge them for failing to carry out the trusts that both the government and the public have placed upon them.

The Malay Sultans also need to wake up to their duties to uphold the status and dignity of Islam in this land.

Muslims expect the Ulamaks to just do their part and get down to the grassroots, do their dakwah work and help bring the Muslims back to the true teachings of Islam.

They must stop warming their seats on the useless Forum Perdana’s and hypocritical made for TV programs.

I support this call for the Dewan Ulama PAS and also those from UMNO, especially from JAKIM, JAIS, JAWI and all the JA’s of this country to wake up now and correct this situation.

The Ulamaks need to keep up with the times and be IT savvy and reach out to the people and do away with all the office politics and restrictive protocols that they have shielding them away from the reach of the ordinary people who need to consult them at any given time.

If they wish to, there are so many of us out here who would only be so willing to show them how.

May Allah SWT guide them and us to salvation. Ameen.

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