September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

PAS Muslimah’s Dakwah Walkabout in Sin City!

Subhanallah! If I didn’t see this videoclip courtesy of WTV8, I would not have believed it!

Tudung labuh clad PAS Muslimah Head and her team going to Lorong Haji Taib @ the heart of KL’s notorious red light area and hand out gift packs to the unfortunate ones having to live a life of sin for a living!

PAS has all these while been ostracized by the mass media and made out to be die hard ultra conservatives ready to chop off hands, skewer those who are rotting away in sin and impose the Hudud Laws of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala on all those who are fornicators, drunks, drug addicts, prostitutes, transvestites and practically the scum of the earth!

Well, open up your eyes wide and see for yourselves what PAS is capable of?

The video clip here demonstrates the willingness of the PAS leadership to go tackle the social and moral quagmire that has existed in the red light areas of KL over the years.

I salute the PAS team for being so openhearted and practice the main tenets of Dakwah al Hasanah which is to go out into the midst of society as it is and try to correct the wrong that is being done and to help save those poor souls who got caught in the vice trade from further rotting away into despondency and a nightmarish future!

Sometimes, it’s better to just go and do things instead of spewing rhetoric on the stages and seen to pass out condoms or drug placebos to those suffering souls. Such actions are just short term measures that will not save them from ruin but only leave them to be infected with HIV and AIDS in the long run.

Save them now before it’s too late. Bring them out from the flesh trade and give them better alternatives to seek a honest living. If there’s a will, Insya Allah, there will always be a way.

Save those people from themselves and try to eradicate the vice trade that has marred that area for so long.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala give the PAS leadership and its members the strength, courage, wisdom and tenacity to clean up ‘sin city’ over time and eventually guide all those caught in the webs of misery as a result of apathy of the local authorities and government over the years to a better future. Ameen.

PAS needs to expand its activities and operations to help clean up society from the menace of social rot that has infested the inner city areas of KL and this first act of direct approach to help ease the sufferings of those poor folks and pawns of the red light areas must be applauded and supported.

PAS needs to get out of the hardline approach to Malaysians and be as Islam truly asks us to be. Humane and moderate but firm in our aspirations to see Islam be where it should be.

Islam is the Way of Life that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has bequeathed Mankind and PAS today has a very good chance to put it to practice.

An Islamic Center at the new PAS HQ would be a great way to get things moving and be a beacon for the unfortunates to come learn about their rights to live a better, safer, more honorable lifestyle. I will assist them in any way that I can to set this up. Insya Allah.

I wish them all the best and pray that the move of the PAS HQ from Taman Melewar, Gombak, Selangor to the heart of KL inner city at Jalan Raja Laut, will be the start of a glorious future for PAS and all the city folk around it and from there, expand its operations to cleanse KL of the social rot that currently permeates and infests those areas.

Go for it PAS! Make us proud! Walk the talk and prove yourselves that you can be the people’s choice later in the future. Malaysia needs to spring clean itself from all the social evils plaguing it.

This approach by the PAS Muslimats is a step in the right direction. PAS oldtimers must give their support and encouragement to the younger leaders to go about achieving such successes and work in consort to rid the party from deadwoods , recharge and rejuvenate the party.

May Allah guide us all. Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen.

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