April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Shoddy Workmanship-Malaysian Contractor’s Hallmark?

I would like to draw your attention to a very serious deterioration of the quality of workmanship by the Civil Contractors of Malaysia especially those who have been given projects to take part in the infrastructure development of this country!

Have you noticed the way our nation’s pavements and roadside curbs tend to break off easily and easily crushed by a vehicle’s tyres accidentally hitting them or they simply crumble to pieces over a very short period of time?

What do you think is the reason?

I for one will say that the reason is none other than that these scoundrels simply short change the government or local authorities by mixing very little amount of cement when they prepare their concrete on the spot by engaging the foreign workers who do as they are told.

Why do you think buildings left by the Colonial British Masters withstood the test of time and are still around except those that have disappeared into the annals of time due to demolition by the idiots who don’t know the value of preserving such old monumental treasures!

The low quality of work done by these irresponsible and guilty of criminal negligent contractors puts our nation to shame and also they endanger the public by their acts.

The Public Works Ministry almost always lays the blame on God for all the travesties that take place as a result of such shoddy, low quality, inferior workmanship.

I believe that the main reason for all these happening is the lack of proper responsible monitoring by those who are appointed to look into the standards of such public infrastructure projects.

There has been a serious breach of trust committed by the collaborating officials appointed and trusted by the ministry to oversee the various projects now crashing down on to the unsuspecting occupants of public buildings such as the ones we now hear so very often in the news reports!

Those officials who have been appointed are to be held responsible if they do not ensure that certain high standards and safety requirements are adhered to and the projects carried out must not compromise in the required standards of workmanship, for life’s can be lost as a result if they fail to stick to the proper measures.

This government lacks serious backbone to see to it that the guilty are made to pay for it!

Instead of corrective action to right the wrongs, we see gross lack of responsibility on the part of the very persons whom the government and the public trusts!

The authorities should either sack the incompetent officials or even the bloody minister for failing in his capacity to ensure that the contractors responsible for such shoddy workmanship are either hauled before the courts and fined as much as the law permits and ordered to redo whatever damage has been done to the exact standards of whatever projects they have been given!

When you compromise on standards, these is what you get! Lousy low class shoddy workmanship! And we have the audacity to proclaim to the world that ‘Malaysia Boleh!’

Yes…we surely ‘Boleh Lingkup’ if we allow such criminals to get away with it!

Abdullah Badawi needs to kick ass and not just spew his raspy rhetoric before the buildings come crashing down on Malaysians heads!

It’s now or never! Spring clean the Works Ministry and take action on all the corrupt officials!

If the government fails to act now, it just goes to show that there is a very serious discrepancy taking place in the running of the ministries concerned and many are involved!

Don’t just talk as if we are so perfect, prove it by taking action! We the public are in danger!

Or are you waiting for life’s to be lost before you get off that cushy seat and do your duty?

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